Modeling update 22/9/2018



Since we are already more than halfway through the month of September, I though it might be a good idea to try and crack on with this months pledge.  After a coupe of hours determined rummaging in the garage I was able to find the boxes marked geek junk hobby stuff and dig out sufficient items of equipment and sprues to get cracking with the Contemptor Dreadnaught!

I have been looking forward to getting on with this guy pretty much since the start of the Vale of Legions challenge, which was the main reason why I included one in my list  – I have no idea if they are any good in 30k, and dont particularly care either.

The loadout  I went for was the Kheres Assault Cannon (mainly cos it looks awesome) and a power fist with storm bolters (because the idea of a dreadnaught that can’t crush marines in one mighty hand makes me sad).  That said I did want to leave my options open for future loadout experimentation, and so decided to embark on a bit of magnetising!


Rather that magnetise at the shoulder ball joint I have decided to glue the upper part of the arm in place and magnetise the weapon mount instead.  While this will leave the model with less in the way of pose-a-bility, it will allow me to run more weapon combos in the future such as a double Assault cannon or even double punchy fist setup!  Anyway, for now I’ll try to not get carried away and concentrate on the single set up of each and crack on with the priming.

I also made a start on the base.  Usual m.o. following the rest of the marines thus far – piece of card scored with tile pattern, glued to base and edged in pva and sand for rubble effect.  Not sure what colour the tile will be on this one, but might include a larger bit of rubble for good measure, possibly a skull or something, since the space is there. And of course, there will be purple flowers heather.


So there we have it, not much of a start but better than nothing.  Now the pain of magnetizing is out of the way I can get on and prime / spray leadbelcher and then begin the painful process of blue glazing all that armour…


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