Titan’s Fall pt 3.3: The Titan Prime Campaign

MISSION 3.3: Bushwhacked


Mission Setup:
The horizon burns. All over Titan Prime, it’s once beautiful sunsets are now blotted out by thick plumes of acrid smoke. The Ultramarines ‘scorched earth’ strategy has left not one citizen of the planet unaware of their ability to strike where they want and when they want, and that the Emperors wrath is absolute.

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Painting Update 31/01/2018


A bit of a double post this one – not only is it a painting update to prove to the world that I actually managed to finish some models recently, but it is also part of my preparation for the upcoming Taros Campaign, which is plodding along nicely.

The campaign itself requires the use of Gue’vesa – human collaborators! auxiliaries, and quite few of them. Normally I would just use Imperial Guard, but since the guard will also be playing a major role in the campaign I thought it better to just get on with expanding my numbers of actual Gue’vesa instead.

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Fluffy Bunnies front and centre!


Just in case you missed it (what, you don’t check Warhammer Community page every day, like religiously?!), Black Library are looking for new writers!

If you fancy your chances then I suggest you don your writers hat and favourite pencil, curl up on the old scroll wingback leather Chesterfield in your personal library, stoke the dying embers of the fire, top up the brandy and get going on a new tale of grimness and darkness in the grimdark.

Black Library Open Submissions

There is also some brief advice from Black Library authors in there too that is well worth checking out. Open submissions are now, er, open!  Closing date is the 10th April, so get cracking!



October White Dwarf review


Having not bought a copy of White Dwarf in over 10 years prior to last month, I decided to break that run and give the much heralded ‘new format’ ago.  As you will see form the review I wrote for that issue, my feelings were that, overall it was a step in the right direction but it still had many problems to deal with and a long way to go until it was back to its absolute best.

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The new White Dwarf! A review

This September saw the return of White Dwarf to a monthly, larger format that was promised to be stuffed with great content for both noobs and veteran gamers of 40k and AoS alike.  Now I haven’t bought a copy of this magazine in a long, long time – I fell out of the hobby for 10 years while WD was in its prime, and only fleetingly glanced at copies of the more recent weekly format (suppresses involuntary shudder) – but I do have a nostalgic soft spot for the venerable old publication and thought this might be a good time to dip back into it’s revitalised pages.


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