Terrain update 17/11/2018


Despite the current dominance on the blog of painting and modelling updates for various factions and gaming systems, terrain creation is still bubbling along nicely in the background.  If not quite at the rate of yesteryear, I still have a number of ongoing projects that I am nursing towards completion, but with each piece I complete the need for terrain becomes less desperate and hence the slow drop off in related posts.  This week I have managed to stumble across the finish line with that ubiquitous piece of scenery from warzones the universe over – the ‘Pile o’ Rubble’!  It is better than it sounds, I promise…

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Modeling update 27/10/18


It has finally begun!  After months of sitting on the shelf waiting to be cracked open and devoured, I have finally built up the courage to get stuck into the Adeptus Titanicus boxed set!  To be honest, I’ve been itching to get on with this ever since I got it, but other projects have needed finishing first (i.e. Tourney lists) to clear space in the very limited hobby schedule.  I have also had to choose between this and other notable distractions  – sorry Kill Team, your time will come soon!

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The Kraken Awakens!



Now I dont normally get too excited about GW releases, and certainly not enough to write an article on the blog about it, but this time is different.  This isn’t just any release.  This is the rerelease of all rereleases.  This is EPIC!

Or rather, sort of Epic.

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Kill Team: unboxing



Through some hard eBay selling and judicious saving of my pocket money, I was lucky enough to have enough surplus cash in the hobby account this month to allow me to preorder the new Kill Team game.  I am a massive fan of the Kill Team format (I was weaned on Rouge Trader and so small scale skirmishes in the grimdark are definitely my thing) with the Heralds of Ruin version being a particular stand out ruleset for me in the evolution of the game.

However, 7th edition’s version of Kill Team was a massive disappointment, which led to me passing over the highly rated (in some quarters) Shadow War that came out towards the end of the edition.  Then rumours started to circulate of a re-release for 8th, and I honestly didn’t hold out much hope for anything other than a re-boxing and basic rules update.  Oh how wrong I was…

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Terrain Update 28/7/2018



Another day, another piece of terrain made from some plastic tat rescued from the recycling bin.  With an eye on the required pieces for the Taros campaign (yes, it is still coming, I promise…) I decided to have a go at some missile silo style terrain for the first mission.  And as luck would have it, the recycling bin provided the perfect pieces of junk to be rescued for the role!

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Terrain update 7/7/2018


Making a decent set of objective markers has been on my mind for so long that it didn’t even occur to me to put it on either this or last years Hobby Season To Do Lists.  It has always lurking at the back of my hobby brain, touting itself as a simple little job that will make a big difference to my gaming experience.  However, the wealth of excellent objective markers at my FLGS’s of choice has meant that there was no need to rush into making them, and hence the laziness.

However, my attendance of a few tournaments earlier this year was a bit of a wakeup call for me, as lots of other players had great markers to use in our games. Furthermore, in the games where my opponents didn’t have a set, we were reduced to deploying the dice of shame. Well, no more will I have to go meekly into that shame ridden night, as I have finally got my act together and cracked some out!

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Terrain update 17/6/2018


With an eye on the Taros campaign requirements, and also just for fleshing out my battlefields for gaming in general, I have managed to complete some much needed walling or barrier style terrain. Would that I were a fancy slag capable of throwing money at Aegis Defense Line kits to adorn my war torn tabletops, but alas it is not to be and so I have turned my hand at making my own on the cheap. With a heavy emphasis on cheap.

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Terrain Update 8/5/2018


Just a quick update of some super simple terrain that I managed to crack out recently, intended for general use and once more with an eye on the upcoming campaign.  Having bought a new toaster last week (bear with me, I know that bit is pretty exciting all on its own) I was left with some intriguing packaging that I just couldn’t bring myself to recycle in the conventional manner.

However, tournament deadlines were fast approaching so I had little time for distractions – so obviously I allowed myself to become completely distracted by something totally unnecessary.

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Tourney Time!


Oh yes, that time of year is upon us once again as I prepare to lead a small contingent of my T’au onto the hallowed fields of battle in the 41st Millennium, spreading the message of the Greater Good with fire, moar fire, inevitable screaming and lots of bloodshed.  That can only mean its time for a tournament!

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