Modeling update 27/10/18


It has finally begun!  After months of sitting on the shelf waiting to be cracked open and devoured, I have finally built up the courage to get stuck into the Adeptus Titanicus boxed set!  To be honest, I’ve been itching to get on with this ever since I got it, but other projects have needed finishing first (i.e. Tourney lists) to clear space in the very limited hobby schedule.  I have also had to choose between this and other notable distractions  – sorry Kill Team, your time will come soon!

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Painting update 20/10/2018


Progress on the 30K Alpha Legion force continues unabated – this month’s pledge for the Vale of Legions painting challenge is a squad of Terminators, so I have decided to try and make up for last months tardiness and wasted no time in cracking on with the squad!

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The year of living prudently…



When Labour came to power in the late 90s, it was not (as some suspected) a socialist spend fest of epic debt building madness.  Far from it.  In fact, Chancellor Gordon Brown’s buzzword for the first couple of budgets was something much less exciting – prudence.

No, not the name of his mother, pet cat or favourite car.  He meant prudent spending – not spending more than you earn, and in fact spending significantly less so as to try and get the whole economic ship back into shape.  So, ignoring the fact that labour soon tired of this approach and went into full on ‘spend mode’, I have decided to try and live the coming hobby season as prudently as possible.  Here endeth the historically inaccurate and grossly over simplified political commentary for this post.
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The 2018/19 Hobby Season ‘Call to Arms’


40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

Dave Weston, of 40kaddict fame, has once more issued his annual call to ‘painting and modeling’ arms, encouraging all of us harbouring a grey tide of embarrassment to get a move on and start making some headway with a proper ‘To Do’ list. You can see Dave’s original post at his blog.

Last year my focus was mainly on building, with only a small amount of painting targeted. That list was also massive and unwieldy and presented me with little hope of completing it. For this year, my main focus will be on trying to get some balance between the painting and the building, as well as setting realistic targets that will give me a sense of achievement as I progress rather than crushing the will to live out of me denting morale before I even begin.

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Painting Update 1/8/2018



The first month of the Vale of Legions painting challenge has come to and end, and I am delighted to say that I have managed to keep my pledge and get a tactical squad of 10 marines finished (well, nearly finished).  It was pretty close though, as I only just squeaked in under the wire with a few hours to go, however there are no prizes for being an early bird and so being just in the nick of time will do nicely 😀

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Terrain Update 28/7/2018



Another day, another piece of terrain made from some plastic tat rescued from the recycling bin.  With an eye on the required pieces for the Taros campaign (yes, it is still coming, I promise…) I decided to have a go at some missile silo style terrain for the first mission.  And as luck would have it, the recycling bin provided the perfect pieces of junk to be rescued for the role!

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eBay Rescue Part 5: A builders work is never done…



As I have said before, sometimes very little work is involved in turning around a miniature for a profit on eBay.  The most simple case is when a bad photo or misplaced posting in the wrong section means no one else is interested or indeed understands what is on offer.  Sometimes though, a little more work is required and the model itself might need a good clean and a new photo.  There is a also, it would seem, a demand for miniatures to be assembled in a decent manner – especially those with a bad reputation for being ‘difficult’ to construct.

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Modeling update 22/7/18


More progress made with the Vale of Legions painting pledge – this time bases!  I’ve decided to try and push the boat out a bit and go for something a little bit more ambitious than the usual ‘generic rubble’ bases that I have done on pretty much everything in the past. I have seen a lot of people manage great results when going for a ’tile floor’ style base (either semi-ruined or not) and so I was keen to have a go myself.  However, having not done it before and forgoing the usual trawling for online tutorials, I blundered blindly into the fray and just sort of made it up as I went along!

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Painting Update 18/7/18



I have made a start on the 30k Alpha Legion for this months Vale of Legions pledge, which will be 10 tactical marines from one of the 20 man blobs in my list.  All are armed with bolters which will keep it nice and simple, although I have decided to break the habit of a lifetime and actually add on all the little extras that come with the marine models – grenades, pouches, the big ass combat blades, etc.  In 40k I have normally favoured the stripped down approach of minimal adornment, but the 30k models seem to lend themselves better to having all that stuff stuck on.

However, my biggest challenge so far has been deciding what colour scheme to go for.  I am not a fan of the metallic turquois that seems to be the standard approach for Alpha Legion.  Instead I am trying to go for something a little more blue and not quite so shiny but still metallic (like the above image).  And so, for the first time ever I have displayed a rare streak of diligence and invested a bit of time in some test models!
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Terrain update 7/7/2018


Making a decent set of objective markers has been on my mind for so long that it didn’t even occur to me to put it on either this or last years Hobby Season To Do Lists.  It has always lurking at the back of my hobby brain, touting itself as a simple little job that will make a big difference to my gaming experience.  However, the wealth of excellent objective markers at my FLGS’s of choice has meant that there was no need to rush into making them, and hence the laziness.

However, my attendance of a few tournaments earlier this year was a bit of a wakeup call for me, as lots of other players had great markers to use in our games. Furthermore, in the games where my opponents didn’t have a set, we were reduced to deploying the dice of shame. Well, no more will I have to go meekly into that shame ridden night, as I have finally got my act together and cracked some out!

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