‘Seeds of Destruction 3’ Tournament: Day 2


The second day of the tournment loomed, and after a good night’s sleep (well, as good as you can get with two young kids) and a nourishing breakfast inside me (cheerios and bacon sandwich, breakfast of champions!) I was ready to take on the world and their dog, just so long as it was confined to the theatre of toy soldiers and the dog was a cockapoo or smaller. And yes, it is a real breed of dog.

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‘Seeds of Destruction 3’ Tournament: Day 1



Last weekend I attended the ‘Seeds of Destruction 3’ tournament held by the Vale Renegades at the excellent Firestorm Games here in Cardiff. This was an ITC event (my first ever – eeeek!) following the ITC format of 5 games over two days using modified missions customised for the event – ‘Power Struggle’, ‘The Relic’, ‘Lead from the Front’, Sabotage’ and ‘Warzone’.

The full mission pack can be found here, but in summary there were three elements of scoring in each mission – Primary (objectives), Secondary (tasks – i.e. point for vehicles killed, etc) and Critical (a difficult task, usually holding all the objectives for a turn). I decided to take my T’au once more, the list for which can be found here.

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Painting update 3/10/2018



With September done and dusted, the latest installment of the Vale of Legions painting pledge was due – namely my Contemptor Dreadnaught.  As it turned out, due to the Seeds of Destruction tournament also coinciding with the deadline I was a few days late with the submission, but it seemed to matter not as almost everyone else involved was also late, due to also taking part in said tournament!  So there were are, that’s the excuses done – on to the submission itself.

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Tourney time update 29/9/2018



With any luck (and a bit of clever scheduling shenanigans) this update will be hitting the blog as I am on my way to the Seeds of Destruction tournament that I mentioned last month.  Organised once more by the terrific team at Vale Renegades, the event is being hosted by the ever fragrant boys and girls at Firestorm Games in beautiful, downtown, Cardiff, Wales.

I will hopefully unless reduced to a salty teared mess be writing a blow by blow account of the tournament in the coming weeks, but at the time of posting almost 90 competitors have entered the running, making it the biggest tournament I will have ever attended.  On top of it being an ITC event, it has also now been classified as an ITC GT – something, I am led to believe, that is a very big deal.  Either way, I’m just chuffed to be going!

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Painting update 26/9/2018



With the upcoming Seeds of Destruction tournament (this Saturday!) occupying most of my meagre painting time, I have been concentrating on trying to bring some of the worst painted elements up to scratch.  Everything in the list is now painted at least, but some bits are bit shabbier than others.  And by bit, I mean a lot.

In that regard, by far the worst unit is my Broadsides, specifically the Railsides.  I painted these a long, long time ago in a country far, far away, with the intention of just getting the first coat done so I could use them on the tabletop with less shame that sprue grey would have bought me.  I always intended to go back and tidy them up, and guess what – it only took just over two years for me to get around to it!
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The year of living prudently…



When Labour came to power in the late 90s, it was not (as some suspected) a socialist spend fest of epic debt building madness.  Far from it.  In fact, Chancellor Gordon Brown’s buzzword for the first couple of budgets was something much less exciting – prudence.

No, not the name of his mother, pet cat or favourite car.  He meant prudent spending – not spending more than you earn, and in fact spending significantly less so as to try and get the whole economic ship back into shape.  So, ignoring the fact that labour soon tired of this approach and went into full on ‘spend mode’, I have decided to try and live the coming hobby season as prudently as possible.  Here endeth the historically inaccurate and grossly over simplified political commentary for this post.
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Tooth and Claw: Unboxing



Another week, another juicy Games workshop boxed set.  This week Last week WEEKS AGO we saw the release of Tooth and Claw – a Space Wolves vs Genestealer Cults boxed set, which just happened to arrive during the home packing chaos, building up to the big house move.  I didn’t even have time to open it – it went straight from the postman’s hand and into a box labeled divorce exhibits A-Z Geek stuff.

Now that the hell fun of the move is behind us and we are a bit more settled in, I judge myself to have made sufficient progress unpacking boxes of stuff we need to live (oh toilet paper, where art though?!) and decided I could probably let myself have a few minutes of geek time to peel back the cellophane layer and have a quick gander inside at the juicy contents therein.
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