Modeling update 27/10/18


It has finally begun!  After months of sitting on the shelf waiting to be cracked open and devoured, I have finally built up the courage to get stuck into the Adeptus Titanicus boxed set!  To be honest, I’ve been itching to get on with this ever since I got it, but other projects have needed finishing first (i.e. Tourney lists) to clear space in the very limited hobby schedule.  I have also had to choose between this and other notable distractions  – sorry Kill Team, your time will come soon!

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Painting update 20/10/2018


Progress on the 30K Alpha Legion force continues unabated – this month’s pledge for the Vale of Legions painting challenge is a squad of Terminators, so I have decided to try and make up for last months tardiness and wasted no time in cracking on with the squad!

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eBay Rescue Part 6: Repairs, repairs, repairs…



The best bargains to be found on eBay are often in a sorry state of repair.  From second edition marines covered in 6 layers of gloss acrylic paint, to crisis suits with arms / legs / heads / feet snapped off, thee items are generally consigned to the bottom of someone’s bitz box or painting drawer, until the time comes to abandon all hope of ever recovering the model and sticking it on eBay, to let someone else experience the horror have a go.

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‘Seeds of Destruction 3’ Tournament: Day 2


The second day of the tournment loomed, and after a good night’s sleep (well, as good as you can get with two young kids) and a nourishing breakfast inside me (cheerios and bacon sandwich, breakfast of champions!) I was ready to take on the world and their dog, just so long as it was confined to the theatre of toy soldiers and the dog was a cockapoo or smaller. And yes, it is a real breed of dog.

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‘Seeds of Destruction 3’ Tournament: Day 1



Last weekend I attended the ‘Seeds of Destruction 3’ tournament held by the Vale Renegades at the excellent Firestorm Games here in Cardiff. This was an ITC event (my first ever – eeeek!) following the ITC format of 5 games over two days using modified missions customised for the event – ‘Power Struggle’, ‘The Relic’, ‘Lead from the Front’, Sabotage’ and ‘Warzone’.

The full mission pack can be found here, but in summary there were three elements of scoring in each mission – Primary (objectives), Secondary (tasks – i.e. point for vehicles killed, etc) and Critical (a difficult task, usually holding all the objectives for a turn). I decided to take my T’au once more, the list for which can be found here.

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Painting update 3/10/2018



With September done and dusted, the latest installment of the Vale of Legions painting pledge was due – namely my Contemptor Dreadnaught.  As it turned out, due to the Seeds of Destruction tournament also coinciding with the deadline I was a few days late with the submission, but it seemed to matter not as almost everyone else involved was also late, due to also taking part in said tournament!  So there were are, that’s the excuses done – on to the submission itself.

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Tourney time update 29/9/2018



With any luck (and a bit of clever scheduling shenanigans) this update will be hitting the blog as I am on my way to the Seeds of Destruction tournament that I mentioned last month.  Organised once more by the terrific team at Vale Renegades, the event is being hosted by the ever fragrant boys and girls at Firestorm Games in beautiful, downtown, Cardiff, Wales.

I will hopefully unless reduced to a salty teared mess be writing a blow by blow account of the tournament in the coming weeks, but at the time of posting almost 90 competitors have entered the running, making it the biggest tournament I will have ever attended.  On top of it being an ITC event, it has also now been classified as an ITC GT – something, I am led to believe, that is a very big deal.  Either way, I’m just chuffed to be going!

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