Terrain update 12/17/2017

Terrain generation continues unabashed, and work on converting the pop up terrain to hard backs and fixed bases is still plodding on. One piece is nearly finished – i have added some rubble, dry brushed the card to look like concrete ruins and added a bit of wash/blood splatter/graffiti for effect. WIP photo below:


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Terrain update 13/11/2017

The rebuilding of my terrain collection (from scratch no less!) is well underway, and I have started retrofitting the old fold-up terrain with foam board backing and a proper bases with a bit of painting and texture – this will mean it is in no way fold-up-able, but since space concerns are not as pressing as they used to be I think it would be better to make the scenery more robust and better looking. WIP photo below.


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Build it and they will come…

While playing 40k in Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to have an awesome FGLS down the road by the name of  Fun Atelier , who provided a number of things to enable the enjoyment of the addiction hobby while living in foreign climes. Convivial atmosphere, great staff, ice cold air conditioning, one of the few preorder facilities for GW stuff, and of course gaming space. In Hong Kong, space is at a bit of a premium, and so finding a shop in a central location (on the Island no less!) with enough room for 10 gaming tables was a bit of a luxury. What made it even better was the mass of great terrain that they had accumulated over the years, through the efforts of causal gamers and veterans alike, which enabled truly immersive games to be played and enjoyed by all (well, those of us who don’t enjoy playing on planet bowling ball that is…)

001Enough terrain to sink a battleship

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