Modeling update 27/10/18


It has finally begun!  After months of sitting on the shelf waiting to be cracked open and devoured, I have finally built up the courage to get stuck into the Adeptus Titanicus boxed set!  To be honest, I’ve been itching to get on with this ever since I got it, but other projects have needed finishing first (i.e. Tourney lists) to clear space in the very limited hobby schedule.  I have also had to choose between this and other notable distractions  – sorry Kill Team, your time will come soon!

With my initial enthusiasm high, I decided to begin by cracking on with the element that I probably liked the least in the boxed set – the terrain.  My reasons were three fold;

Firstly, I just dont like the look of it and I was hoping that building it would change my mind.  I also know that if I dont do it now at the beginning it has almost no chance of being done at the end when enthusiasm will have waned and I’ll be itching to get on with something else.  Secondly, I have read that there are adequate spares in the set to be used for basing on the titans, and so i was keen to identify suitable parts for that before I started the big fellas.  Thirdly, I am yet to choose a Titan Legion, so getting on with the neutral terrain would help me to delay that decision a little longer.

Imperial Civitas Terrain


Aaaaaand done.  Well there we are, thank you and good night.

So as it turns out, the terrain sets are very simple and quick to put together.  The detail is also quite nice, as well as the customisation that you can do in terms of alternative pieces and options.  As you can see from above, you get a double set of Civitas Terrain in the boxed set, so I followed the instruction to the letter on one set, then allowed myself a bit of freedom on the second set and went a little off piste (the L-shaped building for example).

But options for alternative pieces are no the end of the customisation potential – these are designed with stackability in mind.  The theory is that you can stack them in different ways to make a multitude of grim dark built environments (just so long as they are all in the neo-post-neo gothic revival style).


And of course, low rise is not the only fruit on the architectural tree.  You can even try your hand at towering, er, towers!


Admittedly the last one is a bit of a carbuncular aberration, but it illustrates the point that there is a lot of versatility in these sets.

My main concerns though are that the system of clicking the individual pieces together is not great.  It requires that the pieces themselves be built to millimeter accuracy, and even then the fits for some are so tight that I dont see any paint job lasting very long, no mater how may layers of ‘ard coat you put on it.

You may well be better off just deciding on a  few arrangements and sticking to them (literally), although this then exacerbates the second issue with these terrain sets – coverage.  While the kits are nice and seem to offer a lot for their cost, they look very sparse on a 4 x 4 table, no matter how you arrange them.  To get a decent urban themed table together would cost a (not so) small fortune, so these are maybe better off reserved for centre pieces in a sea of home made alternatives (more on that soon!).

There are also some nice extras though, namely the objectives!


These are just fantastic and I look forward to playing the rules for them in games, especially the macro cannon!

And of course, the real point of this exercise – left overs.


Plenty left over for basing, and even enough to crack out a few stand alone ruined terrain pieces I’m sure.  But that’s a job for another day.

For now, it a big stamp of approval and on to the Knights!

40k to do badge2018-19 jade-01

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