Painting update 25/8/18



As part of my preparations for next months tournament, I wanted to try and get a fully painted T’au army up and running based on the list that I was considering.  There were a number of items outstanding – Ion rifle pathfinders, Fire warriors and an extra display board to fit them on.  The Ionfinders were ticked off last week, and I’m glad to say that after a concerted bit of speed painting they have now been joined by the fire warriors!

As you can see, it was a very basic paint job on these chaps.  I just primed them black, then stuck to the colour scheme of grey and yellow for my Kel’lys sept.  The main difference now is that I have swapped the shades around – Russ Grey is now the darker Fang grey, while the yellow has switched from Flash Gitz to Averland Sunset.  This was mostly to accommodate my use of the Fang spray on the bigger suits, but also means I now have a two tone army, which might come in handy for playing ‘sept soup’ lists but will probably need to be rectified in the future.


I’ve also decided to define who the Shas’ui (sergeants) are by adding  red section to the rifle ends, which ties in with the detail on the Cade Fireblade as well as some of the suits. To go with them, I also completed my last two shield drones.


The basing is pretty basic too, just a dry brush of some sand to give it the rubble effect to tie it in with all the other T’au (and the display board!).

Pretty happy to have cracked these guys out – they are nowhere near finished, and if I have time before the tournament I will come back and add a bit of shading & highlights as well as other details (faces!).  However, on that front there is a lot on the queue ahead of them for more detail to be added, including the big suits, so I had better get cracking.  Next up, it’s the broadsides!

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