Painting update 15/8/18



Just a quick painting update today as I crack on with trying to get some easy marks off the Hobby Season to do list, as well as improve the appearance of the upcoming tournament list – 3 Pathfinders equipped with Ion Rifles.  Its funny how stuff comes in and out of fashion with new editions and new codices.  These guys were hardly taken at all during 7th on account of their expense and frail carrier, but now are supposedly all the rage if you listen to them there interwebs.  For me they just look cool, and along with their rail rifle brethren will probably see some use in Kill Team games I’m sure.


I followed the same process as last time I did pathfinders (soooooo long ago) despite having hanged the colour of my newer T’au (different shade of grey, very exciting!) as I wanted them to fit in with the old squad. Even though my painting and basing has improved since I did the original pathfinders, I still like the dusty look they have so emulated it again on the new chaps – they have that air of having crawled through the ruins of an enemy city to get the perfect angle on an enemy tank for a marker light / ion blast!


I really like these models, and it was nice to do a painting job that was small and easy to tick off.  Next up will either be the rail rifle pathfinders (just to get them off the list) or maybe something else from the Tournament list, as I am already running out of time to get everything painted up to a decent standard…

But for now, I will revel in the relative glory of another stamp picked up for the hobby season.  Job done!

To Done Badge

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