Painting Update 1/8/2018



The first month of the Vale of Legions painting challenge has come to and end, and I am delighted to say that I have managed to keep my pledge and get a tactical squad of 10 marines finished (well, nearly finished).  It was pretty close though, as I only just squeaked in under the wire with a few hours to go, however there are no prizes for being an early bird and so being just in the nick of time will do nicely 😀

I had decided in my infinite stupidity wisdom to try and push my painting skills a bit further with this challenge, mainly as the 30k models are so nice that they deserve a bit more attention, but also because I wanted to see whether I was capable of pushing the boat out a bit further without sinking.  Well, I wouldn’t say I sunk, but maybe required a bit more bailing out than I had envisaged.



First up was the decision on colour scheme. I wanted the bluey-metallic look that I had achieved with the test models, and so set about giving the leadbelcher sprayed models a couple of coats of Guilliman Glaze.  This had mixed results – on some models it was nice and smooth, but on others it pooled a bit like a wash would and left the surface looking sloppy and uneven.  I’m not really sure how I would rectify this with the next batch, other than to be more careful with my brush strokes.


Next up was the accent colours.  I had gone for Lothern Blue eye lenses, buttons and sword grips, and Loren Forest (green) grenades, with satchels and guns in black. This led to a very subdued colour scheme which I was a bit worried about at first as it didn’t really pop, until I decided that the last thing the alpha legion want to do it ‘pop’ visually 🙂


I then decided to try two stage highlights for the first time.  First up was the silver on the armour.  Urggh, is there anything more punishing than silver highlights?  I did leadbelcher followed by Runefang and it almost ended me.  I may have overdone though it as it seemed to rob the models of a lot of their blueness.  I also did two stage highlights on all the black bits, which turned out better.


After that it was just a case of adding the models to the pre-done bases, before trying something else new – tufts.  On a whim I had ordered a set of Heather grass tufts and decided to employ them on the bases, in the hope that the purple would help to make the models stand out a it more, but at the same time compliment the blue/green colours.  I think they work really well, these are probably the bit I am most happy with.



Extremely happy overall, these are technically much better than anything else I have done to date and am looking forward to cracking on with the next part of the pledge. I still have the heraldry to do, but I ran out of time and as I am still planning to do them free hand I also require a bit more time to build up the nerve to do them 😀

However they are not perfect – I overdid the silver highlights in parts (pauldrons!) and I may have made a rod for my own back with the glazing to get the blue effect. I can also improve on the basing hopefully and make better use of the purple heather effect.

But, the most important thing of course is that I managed to make the pledge, as well as get another big fat stamp of approval for the hobby list.  Job done, on to month two!

To Done Badge

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