Terrain Update 28/7/2018



Another day, another piece of terrain made from some plastic tat rescued from the recycling bin.  With an eye on the required pieces for the Taros campaign (yes, it is still coming, I promise…) I decided to have a go at some missile silo style terrain for the first mission.  And as luck would have it, the recycling bin provided the perfect pieces of junk to be rescued for the role!

First up were the entrances to the underground complex.  As per the mission requirements, they just needed to be something small and functional for the purpose of the garrison to come bursting out of an be slaughtered to a man by the marauding space marines attempt to defend the missile silo.  Luckily I had already gathered a stash of left over X-Wing blister packs, which when cut away from the backing made perfect little bunker entrance housings.


All I did was add an old MKI Rhino door for the entrance way, put it on a base with some sand, paint it grey and then drybrush the housing itself with some lighter grey to give it a concrete like effect, before adding the transfers (Cadian transfer sheet) and some weathering/rust effects.  Job done.


Secondly, the missile silo itself needed doing.  Now rather than go for a massive complex of multiple warheads, I decided to take inspiration from the old Titan missile silos and just go for one big silo with a door covering the top.  As luck would have it, a well time opening (and equally rapid finishing) of a box of mint chocolates meant the perfect piece of plastic junk awaited me in the rubbish pile.


Again, very simple – just added it to a base, then cut a hatch out of card to stick in the centre.  Painted it up and added weathering, plus a few other small details, and hey presto – A single silo for a gargantuan missile to come sewing out of, racing towards the filthy imperial scum harboured in orbit (spoiler – they dont quite manage to launch it).


These will both combine nicely with the wall system completed previously, so next up will be the defence turrets – namely a battle cannon one and a Hydra AA one – and then the terrain will finally be complete!  Well, for the first mission anyway…

An of course, another big fat To Done stamp!

To Done Badge


2 thoughts on “Terrain Update 28/7/2018

  1. I love that missile silo, i saw it and instamtly recognised the packaging, such a great idea. I had so much rubbish lying around where i thought “that would make great scenery” before finding my hoard each time we moved flat or house. Throw it all away, repeat. I have yet to make a single bit of scratch scenery, but i do have ONE that is mostly finished. Your are amazing, the simplicity and effectiveness of them demonstrates how quickly you could accrue cheap, geat scenery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, that’s very kind of you! My pile is also regularly cleared away and restocked – the trick I have found is to limit yourself to one box to store all the bits in. Then, when you want to add another piece, you have to ask yourself if it is better than what’s already in the box, and trade something out if it is. Might not work for everybody, but it helps me keep the junk pile under control anyway!


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