Taros Campaign Prep – Scratch Built Tank pt 3


So another day in preparation of the upcoming Taros Campaign, another cardboard tank to bolster the Imperial Forces. I have managed to resist the call of the paperhammer Baneblade Template that I found, and instead put my effort and good will into expanding the fledgling Imperial motor pool with its first proper Chimera – Hellhounds don’t count, even if you do squint.

As you can see, this is still based on the Banewolf template that I have used previously (on the ‘Tarkadian Pattern’ Hellhound link) but I have made a few adjustments to make it look a bit more Chimera like. The main change is the back – I have straightened up the back face and added an access hatch for the troops to get out of (always handy). I have also improved my technique for the tracks – now I leave them as a sold trip and score the lines into it, which results in a much neater track line.


I have once again used the undersized Leman Russ turret as the gun turret for what I still calling my “Tarkadian Pattern’ *insert imperial tank name here*. This time though I have equipped it with a home brew multilaser made up of straws and coffee stirrers. I have also liberally applied some vehicle spares, namely the top hatch with storm bolter, chassis mounted heavy bolter and the top troop hatch (from an old rhino), just to give it an air of respectability.


The scale is ok compared to a regular chimera –it is a little narrower and taller than its official counterpart, but will suffice perfectly well for the campaign ahead. I als like the slightly narrower/higher profile as it makes it look more APC-like to my eyes.


Another source for celebration is that I have finally found something to use as rivets!  After a lot of EBay surfing I came across these little puppies and decided to splurge the 99p for 1000 of the little blighters!


The only downside being that I now have to go back and rivet three tanks top to bottom. Oh well, such is the monotony of a guardsman’s life I suppose…



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