Terrain Update 16/03/2018


More terrain completed this week, once again with one eye on the upcoming Taros campaign and one on creating some for general usage. I have yet again been gathering general junk from the recycle bin (much to my wife’s chagrin )with an eye to reusing it in a different manner, and this week I have banged out a few medium sized shipping container type things (proper name TBC)

Medium sized shipping container type things

1: Save some empty fruit pots from your weekly supermarket shop – in this case, blueberries – again only bother with the ones that have an interesting surface texture, preferably with lots of crenulations and recesses and things. Also make a suitable base (I use foam board because it is cheap and easy to use), and be sure to keep the end offs for other terrain projects!


2: Stick to base, cover any recycle symbols or holes with card panels, and then add basing and spray the whole thing black


Paint a suitably container-ish looking colour


Add a wash in the recesses and dry brush on the edges to give it some depth, and use up some of the left over transfers from your space marines for detail (go on, I know you have stacks of them lying around!) Free hand text is optional, and then finish the basing to match your other terrain.


And of course, if you are going to bother doing one, do two!


Any maybe make one into a weird bunker type thing while you are at it


And there we have it, some more cheap as chips terrain to done! Another big fat stamp for my 2017/18 Hobby season attained!

To Done Badge


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