EBay Rescue Part 2: Tactical Squad


Many of my EBay bargain bids have been for mixed lots of ‘stuff’, usually a mélange of plastic crack that more often than not contains space marines. The GW poster boys are after all the most popular 40k miniature range, and since almost every boxed set ever produce has contained them in one form or another, they are by far the most proliferate miniature on the EBay market. And of course, the one good thing about lots of supply is that demand is not there to meet it, so the price drops and bargains can be found!

I really can’t remember where these guys cam from – they were a very early bit of bargain hunting for me when I got back into the hobby around 2014, and as such I’m not sure if hey were part of one set or parts from many. It was so long ago that even EBay hasn’t kept the record of the purchase, so I cant even do my diligent detective work that way to provide a ‘before image’. So instead, let’s pretend that they arrived in something looking like this:

Before (maybe, but with less Empire stuff)


Condition: I seem to remember they were ok, and some conversion work was already done on some miniatures (the flamer and tanks for example). In all they were in ok condition, but a few arms and weapons were missing an the bases were just gakk.

Paint job: I seem to remember that they were mostly painted in very basic traditional Dark Angel colours, with no highlights or shading, and I made up the numbers with some other spares that were just painted black, trying to match the colours where possible. Paint was a bit thick (even by my standards), especially on the faces, so I had my work cut out to save them without resorting to stripping (which I try to avoid at all costs, as I cannot stand the smell of detol).

After – Squad Alpha


Squad Beta


The process was pretty simple – I basically tided the up on the layers, matching the colour on replaced bits, and used them as my only painted dark angels for a while. I was only when I decided to sell them that I put some more work into them – adding washes and some one stage highlights to the armour, guns and leather pouches. I then did the eye lenses on those that had them, drilled out the bolter barrels, and applied battle damage – the silver knicks on shoulder pads and helmets. I also tried my best to save the faces on the two helmetless marines – they still look bad, but believe me they were much worse to begin with!

I decided to post these as two separate items to try and maximize my profit, and I think that worked. Sadly, they did not go to the same buyer and were therefore separated, but one cannot afford to be sentimental when money is involved 😥

Cost: Less than 99p (pro rata)
Sale Price: £15.19 (£7.20 + £7.99)
Profit Margin: 1400ish%!


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