Painting update 8/3/18


As part of my preparations for the tournament over Christmas I managed to get some more Tau done just in time to bolster the ranks and take on the rest of the galaxy (although mostly Imperium as it turned out). This was nice, as it not only helped my list for that and the subsequent tournament, but it was also a double header target of being on my 2018 To Do List and part of my Taros Campaign Preparation. Boooyah! Could I be killing any more birds with this one stone?!

Anyway, rather grim Ornithophobic idioms aside, I managed to tick six crisis suits off my list (which have been on there for a loooong time). If I were to sell these guys they would actually go down as an eBay rescue item, as I got them for peanuts from someone giving up the game. When i received then they were in a pretty bad state – the legs, arms and heads were glued in very undynamic locations and angles, while the whole thing was painted in a heavy off white drybrush effect with minimal colours added rather lazily and slapdash.



A lot of work had to go into these fellas – first of all, I removed all the arms, legs and heads, then repositioned them at better angles with lots of pinning to make up for the fact that most of them broke while being removed (looking at you ankles!!!). It was worth it though, as I had intended to rebase them on flying stands, giving them that ‘dropping outta the sky’ look that I think really suits them (ha ha, pun intended). I also magnetized them so I can flit between weapons and try different combos – something I am doubly glad of having seen the new codex leaks. I also went for the ‘shield on the arm’ look that gives them a sort of Knight of the Empire kinda feel.

Plasma Team


Fusion Team


Original gakk as undercoat
Layers in Russ Grey / Averlan sunset / Abbadon Black
Drybrush black areas with leadbelcher
Then given a Nuln Oil wash and light drybrush with Ulthuan Grey.
Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo


Not the best job, but it will do the trick for now. These are the old school suits, and are a bit worn and torn beyond anything I can do to save them painting wise, so I’m not sure it’s worth doing much more to them. I may eventually invest in some of the newer style crisis suits one day, in which case I will take what I have learnt and apply it to them, then probably sell these if I decide I don’t need all the suits (Ha! As if any T’au player can have enough suits!).

Anyway, next thing to do will be to paint up some more weapon options – flamers and burst cannons by the bucket load – but for now I think I can award myself the big yellow stamp of approval.

To Done Badge



2 thoughts on “Painting update 8/3/18

    • Oh yeah, cant wait! There are some pretty detailed leaks on 3++, so i have had a good look through the stratagems already as well as the sept tenets and warlord traits. Some pretty decent stuff, but nothing game breaking so far. Lots of point reduction too – riptides and broadsides seem to be back 😀


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