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Beyond the mammoth To Do List and the usual aims for the gaming year ahead (play more 8th, go to more tournaments than if did last year, sell some stuff, buy no more plastic crack, etc, etc) one of my chief aims for this year has been to start a new narrative campaign.

Narrative campaigns are the single best way to have fun in my book. Tourneys are great, as are club leagues and pick up games with mates, but the ones you always remember are the story driven campaigns that meant something more than a bit of tactical nuance and lucky dice on the day.

The last narrative campaign I played was during my time in Hong Kong against my good friend Neopyte2012. The Titan Fall Campaign was an epic 5 part, 15 battle beast of a campaign that ended up taking over a year to play and stretching two editions of 40k. It was great and we both had a lot of fun doing it. However, I am still writing up the battle reports for the last few games (albeit slowly thanks to Photobucket’s change in 3rd party sharing rules – but that another post..), almost a year after the last game was played, which is a sure sign of one thing – the effort involved is way too much.

PowerPoint Presentation

Now it might be that we set the bar way to high on that campaign – after all, we had campaign books for each ‘chapter’, as well as battle reports and fluffy bits of story after each game. However I like to get really immersed into a narrative campaign, and wouldn’t really want to do it any other way.

Luckily, there an alternative to diving headlong once more into the writing of a new story arc. One of my favourite GW books is Imperial Armour 3: The Taros Campaign. It is absolutely chockablock with narrative and full to bursting with background and fluff. I have always wanted to give this campaign a go as the scope is massive and the missions reflect the storyline really well. It also features my favourite tiny blue fisted mischief makers the Tau, meaning I will have very little work to do in terms of getting models ready for them.

Campaign Aims

There are a number of basic aims that I want to try and achieve with this campaign, and I think it is worth listing them out as a reminder when going forward, especially when things get a bit hectic and I start losing the will to carry on with something I started (see blog name for details).

1. Have fun. If it’s not fun, just stop, because what’s the point otherwise?
2. Use it constructively. By this I mean use the campaign as a way of building and painting minis, terrain, etc that can find a use beyond just the campaign itself (and maybe further the prgress of my hobby goals at the same time)
3. Try something new. I used to love writing batreps, but in recent years I have found the process a bit of a drag. My solution will be to try and give video batreps a go! Wish me luck, how hard can it be?

19e5jzNot a sign of fun

Campaign Preparation

So for those that don’t know, the Taros campaign is a fight between Imperial & Tau forces in the deserts of T’ros. The book was written some time (2005) and many editions ago, so the missions and special rules will need a bit of updating to say the least. I only intend to play the 40 missions anyway as I don’t play BFG and don’t have enough epic to have a crack at those missions either. I will also be rewriting the ‘lists ‘ for the mission to try and reflect the models I have rather than buying anything just for this campaign.

This last point is rather pertinent though, as myself imposed ban on buying new plastic crack (link to problem) clashes rather starkly with the fact that my imperial guard force is rather meager. Tanks are the issue, manly the Leman Russ’ and Chimeras. This campaign uses lots of both, and no amount of list rewriting is going to hide the fact. Soooo, I have decoded that I will try and build some cardstock tanks to take their place! Stay tuned for future embarrassing cardboard and glue efforts!

F3SW8XVGWOSAK1K.MEDIUMI’m hoping for better results that this

And last but not least, terrain. The setting of T’ros is a dry desert, mining world which fit in nicely with the battle mat I own. However, some effort will have to be put into the construction of terrain for specific missions as well as the general aesthetic of the campaign.

Anyway the campaign is some way off commencing, but I intend to keep you informed of my progress in the preparatory work as we go – if you think I need anything else, let me know!

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Campaign

    • Ha ha, cheers! I would love to do the BFG and Epic missions too, but both would require substantial investment of both time and money. I have also just had a quick look at the price of Epic Tau units on EBay – gulp!


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  3. This looks great. I’m basing my imperial guard army on the Taros humans that side with the Tau. Trying to get some PDF squads and mine militias on the go as well as some improvised vehicles (weapons fitted on civilian vehicles). I’ve also been colecting bits and pieces to make some water extraction plant scenery. If you’re running thid xampaign in the UK I’d love to get involved.


    • Hey dude, thanks for the offer – I currently have someone lined up for doing the campaign with but if we need extra help I’ll definitely come to you 🙂 Which part of the UK are you in?


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