Lost Patrol Challenge, part 2: Tactical Marines


After the disastrous efforts of the Blood Angel’s scouts to retrieve the intel from the dropship, it is time for ‘big brother’ to have a go. This time, the Dark Angels are in town an intend to show their bewinged brethren a thing or two in how to conduct jungle warfare operations!

Rules of the challenge are the same as always – a few practice games to get to grips with the idiosyncrasies of the rules and then three go’s at getting to da choppa!


Dark Angels.  Like the Blood Angels, but cooler.

Tactical Squad copy

Compared to the scouts, the Tactical marines lose the ability to cover each other with the heavy bolter, however they gain the superior firepower of the flamer which should allow them to burn out pockets of gribblies luring in the bushes. They also get to reroll misses with their bolters, meaning their fire should be twice as effective (so only marginally better than) as the scouts!

Challengers, ready! Genestealers, Ready! Lets go!

Game 1: ‘split up’

Strategy for this game will be to split up in classic horror genre style and see if we can uncover tiles quicker than the Genestealers can take us down. However, marines get off to a poor start with two dead ends and no straights.


They spilt up as best they can, but three genestealers come straight on and take down the flamer before he can say ‘wait did i hear som-aaaaggrrh!’


Marines continue to fan out, with the sergeant taking down a genestealer with his bolt pistol – yay for rerolling to hit!


Three more genestealers immediately come on an take down an isolated marine, while the two others move in on the sergeant. Despite his +1 in combat he still loses on a poor roll.


With one marine hemmed in, he unleashes the fury of his bolter and takes down a stealer, while his brother makes run for it.


However, it ends predictably badly for the trapped marine in the stealers turn.


The sole survivor ploughs on, but is eventually trapped on the straight, and despite the best efforts of his bolter the journey ends in an all too familiar way…


Nom nom nom…

GAME 2: ‘Stick together’

Splitting up was even more disastrous for the marines than it was the scouts, so lets see how sticking together goes. Another bad start for the marines, three dead ends and only one straight, so they head for the relative safety of the north.


The path opens up but the way is blocked by three stealers. Some great bolter shooting kills two and the marines crawl forward through the tangleweed.


Another two stealers come on in front, while a third appears in behind to trap the marines en-mass.


The flamer and sergeant move forward to clear out the blockers, but the flamer whiffs and misses everyone!


The three maries in the rear lose combat to a single genestealer, rolling a one an being force back.


The sergeant is also bought down, forcing the flamer to fall back and join the last of his squad.


The flamer finally finds its mark, taking down two of the stealers in front, while the bolters take own the one harassing the rear. However two more reinforcements arrive, with one moving up to join the other stealer in front ready for the assault.


Which goes badly for the marines, losing another brother and falling back once more.


The flamer deals with the stealer in front, but now another stealer arrives behind. They advance to take down another marine, leaving the flamer all on his own.


And to make maters worse, his flamer fails to ignite in the face of the oncoming horde, resulting in that most predictable of outcomes.


Nom nom nom…

GAME 3: ‘Who’s going left?’

Better progress that time but still nowhere near the dropship tile – this time we’ll try going off in two teams. Yet another bad start for the marines though, hardly any straights at all. One team goes north, while the other heads southeast.


Immediately the north team come under attack, three stealers bringing down a marine and sending the other fleeing back the way he came.


He tries to link up with the other team, who are now (rather confusingly) heading north themselves.


But he is also cut off by another load of stealers, dragged into the bushes with barely a whimper.


The remaining team hit a dead end, so try to come back and confront the stealers chasing them. However, only the sergeant makes it through the tangleweed, leaving him rather exposed to the stealers assault.


Who munch him up good and proper.


The flamer deals with the closest stealers before once more getting caught in the tanglewed. Unwilling to venture out on his own, the remaining bolter marine decides to stay put rather than face the oncoming stealers.


The flamer once more gets stuck in the blasted tangleweed (just flame it for Emperors sake!) and is only freed of its grasp as he is driven back by the genestealers, who win assault and take down his partner.


He gets his revenge though and roasts the stealers, only to get stuck in the tangleweed AGAIN trying to advance out of the jungle hellhole he finds himself helplessly ensconced within!


The farce continues for few more turns after this, the flamer clearing stealers away only to get stuck in the tangleweed once more – I think it happened three more times before a lone stealer survived the torrent of flame and took him down, to the relief of everyone involved.


Nom nom nom….Burp!

Genestealers 2: 0 Rest of the Grimdark

So there we have it, an even bigger disaster for the marines than the scouts – not even a whiff of the drop ship tile. The increased firepower of the flamer showed in this game with far more genestealers killed, but it still wasn’t enough to clear a way through the infested jungle hellhole. The Dark Angels hang their heads in shame and skulk off to a dark recess to brood a while – next to take on the challenge with be Terminator squads!


3 thoughts on “Lost Patrol Challenge, part 2: Tactical Marines

    • Thanks! It’s a great game and i highly recommend picking it up if you see a copy out there somewhere.

      However, it does need to come with a warning – the only way it can possibly be fun for the Imperial player is if you buy into the idea that the scouts are absolute underdogs and you are in no way expected to win. If you see the dropship tile then you can claim a moral victory, just don’t expect anymore than that 😀

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