Painting Update 11/28/2017


After being much maligned in favour of other hobby projects as well as real life stuff, the jump pack assault squad is finally finished. This is a bit of a quadruple whammy target for me, as not only would it meet two big build goals on the 2017/18 hobby season, but I have also painted them (another goal) and it would also be the last piece in the puzzle of the full Battle Company!

As usual, these guys are made up of a whole bunch of mismatched bits and pieces from various 99p EBay purchases and as such are a bit rough around the edges, but mostly to a standard I am happy with. There is no metal in their either, which is nice as the rest of the battle company is plastic and none of it will feel out of place (those metal bits that I did have now going towards the Imperial Fist project)

As before, my initial aim is to get the units painted to the same basic colour layer standard with basing and transfers that the rest of the Battle Company is up to, and then go back and highlight afterwards and take them to the next level.

Assault Squad Israf


The two flamers form the original foot slogging assault squad have been incorporated into this one, meaning eight new marines had to be added. For load out, I have kept the squads with 2 flamers and an eviscerator, as well as giving the sergeants different loadouts to allow for a bit of flexibility.  I have always felt that assault squads work best when kept cheap, so no power fists or thunder hammers for these chaps.


As with the foot slogging assault squad, I have also spent a bit more time on the sergeants face and am pretty chuffed with the way it has come out – the eyes are getting better with practice, soon I will not fear them at all!


The sergeant here has lightning claw, as its another cheap but effective load out that also looks cool. Like the other sergeantnt both have plasma pistols to keep in with my theme for these dark angel successors in having all plasma wherever possible. This is also where the home brewed eviscerator is located – although by no means a cheap upgrade I just couldn’t resist putting one in this squad as well as the foot sloggers, and they can easily just be counted as a chainsword if I don’t want to cough up the points.


•Sprayed Chaos Black, with Dark Green Wash on black armor areas
•Trims, joints, breastplates and gun/chainsword bits done in Leadbelcher,
•Eyes, Pauldron Icons, purity seals and sword casings in Mephiston Red,
•Based with Fine Brown Sand, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Dry brushed with Bleached Bone. Clumps of grass and stones added
Faces done trying to follow the WD article on faces, but to a level I can manage 🙂
•Transfers added and painted over in Mephiston Red

Glad they are done and that the Battle Company is now complete, I’ll do a photo shoot of them all together when I have time to set up a nice background for them. Now it is a question of what to move on to next – given the imminent arrival of the Dark Angel codex I might hold off on doing any more and possibly revisit the Tau that need some attention. The break from marines might also do me good I think 🙂

To Done Badge


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