My Boat Comes in, so to speak..

At Last!  The long, long wait has finally come to an end!

The slow boat has finally crawled into harbour, largely in one piece I am glad to say, and disgorged its vast cargo including a small but not insignificant crate full of our belongings. This of course means I can once again get back onto the hobby wagon and crack on with some painting and modeling that I have been chomping at the bit to get to grips with!

There is of course one small problem – locating it


Here. Somewhere.

In fact, since we are still in full house sorting mode it is unlikely that I will get down to any serious hobbying while there are more pressing matters like doors hanging off cupboards, heating that refuses to come on and a massive pile of IKEA furniture that just refuses to assemble itself. This is just as well, as all this probably needs unpacking before I can even find the geek stuff, let alone play with it.


Or maybe here. Possibly.

On which note, I have decided to reacquaint myself with the legions of toy soldiers by going ahead with the idea I had when leaving Hong Kong, which was to do a full inventory on my return. I know I have loads of unbuilt stuff still on sprues/in boxes/in bags waiting to be assembled/stripped/painted/saved from a previous owners attentions, and so it would be nice to get a handle on what exactly I have and then plan my project schedule accordingly.

That said, given how slow work on the house is going I suspect that the full inventory is some way off, and so I have been looking for something to keep my hobby interest going without taking up too much of my time. So on a whim, bought this!


Jungle? Check. Death? Check. What’s not to like?

An intriguing prospect when it came out, but not quite enough for me to have a go at it then. However, it fits the bill for what I’m after (more than space hulk, which looks like it may require whole evenings to play) and will also allow me to fan the flames of some interest being shown by various relatives in getting to know my geek side a bit better. This burst of initial enthusiasm may well just be a symptom of not having seem me in a long while, but with the right game it may also result in a few more people to play against in my new location (currently standing at zero)


Who stole the measuring tick?

So, what’s it all about? Well, essential five scouts drop down to a genestealer infested jungle planet looking for a dropship with vital intel that has crashed there. It doesn’t seem to have GPS or any other basic sort of locating device fitted and therefore the scouts have to wander around the jungle slowly being picked off by their superior biological adversaries.

Initially the contents look way to simple to constitute a game with any kind of longevity – tiles, figures, three dice and about 6 pages of rules in VERY large font – but I will hold judgment until after we have all had go this weekend, suitably lubricated with libations and salty sacrifices to the snack gods.

Will keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “My Boat Comes in, so to speak..

  1. Well, 8th edition 40K is only 6 pages, so don’t let that deter you. I’m not familiar with the game beyond name though.

    Good luck sorting through your stuff. This does seem like the best time to go through it though, as fun as that will be 😉


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