Muck and Brass: Ebay treasures, part 1

A lot of things changed when we moved abroad all those years ago, fundamentally so in many ways. Languages, food, weather, the sound pedestrian crossings make, and the cost of marmite to note but a few. You might say it was a time of almost complete change in our lives. There were, however, two exceptions to this rule. One was my love for my wife (Awwwww shucks – my love for beer came a close second), and the other was my eBay address.

For reasons known only to eBay, I was not allowed to update up details whilst abroad, and the task had slipped through the net of the ‘to do before we go list’ due to my fairly low usage rate at the time of leaving. However, when I got back into the hobby my first port of call was to trawl eBay’s trove of cut price treasures and build my collection quickly, but above all cheaply.


As it was, I made a deal with myself to only bid on items that did not come to more than £5 including the postage. Mostly this meant items at or around the minimum 99p mark, and winning items at such ludicrously low bids did not happen all too often. But they did happen. Slowly but surely, once a month maybe, and little by little a large pile of second hand plastic crack built up at the old address back home.

Some of those purchases have been covered in earlier painting posts (pretty much my entire Painted Tau Force to date ) but now I have got to grips with the pile of thrifty plastic (and metal) crack that had piled up under the letter box, I thought I would share some of the more bargainous items with you!

Price: £30 approximately, including postage

Ever since opening that 40k second edition boxed set all those years ago, I have had a soft spot for Orks (and grots of course!) There is something about the simple minded brutality, comedic indiscipline and good humor that appeals to me. They are also the perfect army to collect cheaply, as they are one of the more prevalent factions on eBay (although still someway short of the ubiquitous space marine) but also because of the potential to loot equipment, using pretty much anything from any other faction in their forces. Let’s meet the ladz!


Price: £35 approximately, including postage

As you can see, it is pretty much a full blown Ork Mob that I have managed to accumulate, although probably not a very competitive one (which I care not one jot about). These came from various lots, with one stand out bargain purchase – a mixed box full of random stuff which ended up producing all the deffkoptas, the warlord, some nobz and boyz, and a Landspeeder Storm – all for £6 including postage!!!

12 Nobz with sluggas and choppas (pretty good condition)

27 Grotz and a runtherd (repairs required to some grotz, otherwise good condition)

60 boys with slugga and choppa, a few Big shoots and Rokkits mixed in too (good to very poor condition)

5 Deffkoptas (one in very poor condition, the rest like new)

Warboss with power claw, smaller warboss with double choppa, weirdboy (good condition)

22 second edition goffs, because I am a sentimental old git and really wanted these guys despite them being much smaller than their more up to date brethren

As you can see, I have already had a go at some conversions with these chaps. The Goffs have a big shoota adapted from some left over bits, and a nob with looted power fist


The weirdboy is also a conversion from the runtherd kit

There were actually two in the lot I won but I didn’t feel the need for another runtherd so tried my luck with the weirdboy using the squigs face as the runtherds head. It needs a bit more work, but I think it will look pretty decent in the end.

So the plan form here will be to pretty much put them all in a box for now, and add them to my long term to do list. I don’t want to spend any more money that possible on these guys so will be looking to convert some burna, lootas, tankbustas, etc, up from spares as well as keep my eye out for any lootable items that can stand in for vehicles down the line.


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