Second Chance Saloon

In the wake of all the hootenanny and jiggery pokery regarding the titanic arrival of the eighth edition of 40k into the geekscape, it may have escaped some peoples notice that GW has found yet another stack of long lost Space Hulk games lurking in the darkest depths of the Nottingham storage bunkers.

Over the years since its fourth edition release (the current format) it has had a number of limited reissues, all of which have sold out in pretty short time. I believe there is a simple reason for that, and that reason is because the set is just so damned good. In the face of such persuasive argument from the plastic crack addle part of my brain, who was my wallet to resist?

Big enough to warrant a ‘its heavy mind’ warning from the postman. Always a good sign

Now I do have a confession to make. I have been a 40ker since 1st edition, cutting my teeth in Rogue Trader and RBT01 marines, before moving onto space crusade and the glory that was second edition 40k. However, I did not buy another edition until 7th and rarely played anything in-between, including the original (and rereleased) versions of Space Hulk. I have always regretted not at least playing this game, as I loved Space Crusade and this struck me as a harder core version of the game that the more grown up me would probably now appreciate. So it was with great pleasure that I opened the box fresh from the posties hands and opened up into this;

Ahhhh, I love the smell of unpunched cardboard tokens in the morning

I’m looking forward to finding out what these items mean and do in the near future (as I wait for all my hobby stuff to arrive on the boat) but the one thing that strikes me straight away is the quality of the game pieces. The cardstock is really heavy and has a great glossy embossed finish to it (like the Overkill ones, which I really liked) and the rulebooks/mission books are just fantastic quality documents in their own right. Immediately you get the feeling that the game will last a decade of occasional play with no serious degradation. It also has a hourglass. Awesomesauce.

But of course, if I am really honest, the reason main reason I bough this set is for the minis. This is a fantastic set of sculpts, with the level of detail consistently high on every miniature. Primarily I was interested in the genestealer set (as I have a large genestealer based Tyranids force) because they look awesome and would fit into what I wanted for games of 40k. Tthey did not disappoint on opening. Even thought they are push fit, and over eight year old now, they still ooze quality and I cannot wait to get painting these guys up.

Need moar genestealers! MOAR! 100+ is not enough!

The Blood Angels were originally a secondary concern for me – I even considered being a bit mercenary and selling them on their sprues to recoup some costs, but having opened them up and seen the level of detail in the poses I just could not resist clipping them together as well. I may have very little use for a Blood Angels terminator squad in 40k, but I am still definitely going to keep these chaps now.

Why do I feel a new chapter collection coming on?

There are also some cool extras in the set, no least the dead terminator objective. This is probably my favourite thing in the box, I just love the fact that they would go to this much effort just for an objective!


Even mighty space marines can die of constipation

Anyway, as you can tell, pretty chuffed with this purchase, and I hope it will help to pass the time while the slow boat full of my hobby life makes its way around through the Straits of Malacca or wherever the hell it is.

Please don’t sink…




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