Taking stock

So, another long hiatus, another apology as I try to lift myself out of the hobby gutter and back onto the commitment wagon that was supposed to be this blog. It has been over four months since my last post, and all manner of brown matter has hit various rotating metal devices in that time, spraying its aromatic nut-filled chaos across the once pristine white walls of my life.


Forgive the rather disgusting reworking of a common aphorism – a lot has happened since my last post, but not all of it bad and certainly not enough to justify such a downbeat and putrid opening to this post – I was just happy with it when I wrote it and a bit loath to take it out now 🙂

So, the big moved happened, and it did not go well. They say that the three most stressful things you will do in life are get married, have kids, and move house. I would put emigrating a close fourth, and in the last nine months we have done three out of that list. It has been a bit of a slog to get through the plethora of problems that have been thrown our way by the whole experience, but somehow we have made it through the worst of the long bitter night and can now see the dawn of a better day beginning to break. We are certainly scarred by the experience, and harbour some regrets over things done and not, but what doesn’t kill us will indeed make us stronger in time, and as the good Doctor is fond of saying, ‘it will all be alright in the end’


As such, we find ourselves in new climes and have traded in our once rather cramped surrounds (a high rise shoe box in an overcrowded city) for something with such novel features as stairs (gasp!) and outdoor space (what madness is this green stuff you call ‘the countryside’?!). It also has the thing we could only dream of for so long, that rare and luxuriant commodity that is ‘spare space’ (Heresy! Blam!).

While we have busily set ourselves to the task of filling said spare space with copious amounts of crap, I have managed to portion of a small slice of the space pie for use as my office, which will quite rightly double as my hobby room – behold!


As you can see, rather Spartan surroundings at the moment but the potential is there – those bad boy IKEA desks are 2000mm x 600mm each, giving me a nice big surface to play off in the centre of the room when pushed together, with adequate layout space around the edges for models, books, cheesy snacks and of course lots and lots of beeeeeeeer!


There is also a rather handy storage cupboard for when the geekery needs to be put away…


…and a quick reorganization means the office is back into working configuration in a jiffy!

So, with the games room ready to go, it is now a case of waiting our stuff to arrive off the boat, which alas will still be some months off. Luckily this gives me plenty of time to get back into the blog and catch up with the backlog of posts I had lined up, as well as think about how best to hide the plastic crack pile in an effective manner from the better half / boss / love of my life. In this regard, packing up all your stuff is a good time to take stock of your hobby and assess just how bad your plastic crack addiction is. That’s exactly what I did, and this was the result


These boxes are mostly crammed to within an inch of their lives with minis, so the volume on display is a good representation of what I own in terms of solid cubic centimeters of plastic. I don’t believe this is the worst case of addiction out there – after all, I only really currently play a handful of gaming systems regularly (40k, Armada, X-Wing and Bolt Action) but I would definitely say I am on the addiction spectrum, just somewhere near to bottom with the guys addicted to hob nobs and reality TV.

Once the stuff arrives, I plan to do a full model count and parade picture, but a rough estimate of the collection would be something like;

  • 250-300 space marine items (including the Dark Angel battle company!)
  • 150-200 Tau items (with Tau’nar supremacy suit being the biggest thing I own overall)
  • 100-150 Tyranid items (100+ of which are genestealers)
  • 80-100 mixed Imperial items (imperial Knight being the biggest)
  • 50-80 Chaos Items (mostly Dark Vengeance kits)
  • 100+ German Army items (Bolt Action)
  • 50+ British/American Army Items (Bolt Action)
  • X-Wing and Armada Fleets, (mostly one of two of everything except the most recent waves)
  • Various bits of scenery

So as I said, not the worst addicts hoard in the world, but something to keep an eye on. Having done a rough stock take though, the biggest worry for me was the amount of unbuilt stuff still in boxes or loose in bags. I have tons of it – two whole boxes of Horus Heresy BaC still on sprues, as well as a copy of Renegades still in its shrink wrap. For me this is ridiculous, and a quick resolution was made that I absolutely positively would not buy another thing until I had gotten through this pile first. Good plan.

And then eight edition dropped.





2 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. Cheers Thor!

    It does indeed, I have no need to do that again in this lifetime. Luckily we moved back home to the UK so there should be no need do it anytime soon – having two kids tend to puts the wandering spirit into check somewhat 🙂


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