Creative Twilight Roundup – October

Another round up of my articles over on Creative Twilight.  As promised, a  better effort this month has seen me bang out a mighty four articles! Mwahahahah!  Eat your heart out BoLS!

OK, so not really that impressive as this is pretty much the minimum target I set myself of one per week (approximately) and this is the first time I have managed to hit that target.  Still, better than nothing, here’s what’s on offer this month:


October 1st: Mr. Fluffy Goes to Tourney Town Pt. 5 – Legion of the Damned

October 7th:  October White Dwarf Review

October 13th:  Whats the Time Mr. Wolf? Feeding time!’ Tau Empire vs Champions of Fenris

October 28th:  Hemera’s End – A 40K Campaign League

As usual I would highly recommend popping over and have a quick read, there is plenty on the site for gamers and hobbyists alike.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Creative Twilight Roundup – October

  1. Once a week is the goal I try and give myself too. Being a programmer, I’m on a computer all day long, so it’s easy to jump into a draft, flesh it out more, and come back to it later.


  2. Ah, sounds ideal – I get about an hour every day to do blogging, usually between the 5am feed of child two and the 6am internal alarm clock of child one. Alas, that is not a timeslot that is conducive to either quality or quantity of written word…


    • I have it easy with no kids, and I’m a programmer, so I’m on this machine all day long. Ironically though, those are about the hours I do my blogging too. I’m way more productive early than I am later in the day.


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