Painting Update 20/10/2016


It’s taken a while, but progress is finally being made into the bulk of Dark Angel horde that is the Lions Blade Battle Company cheese! As Churchill once said, “it is not the end, nor the beginning of the end, but it is maybe the end of the beginning!”

OK, so I’m paraphrasing the big man a little there, and it’s use in this context may be slightly dubious but I feel pretty good having completed another four devastators to the final level desired (i.e. two stage highlights). Luckily for me, as I was experimenting with the finishes for the first one, I had three or four ‘test pieces’ runnign concurrently, which were fairly easy to bring up to the same standard as the first without too much repainting.  Here are the lads.



  • Sprayed Chaos Black, with Dark Green Wash on black armor areas
  • Armour highlighted with Skavenblight Dinge and Ulthuan Grey
  • Trims, joints and breastplates done in Leadbelcher, highlighted with Ironbreaker and Ceramite White
  • Eyes, Pauldron Icons and purity seals in Mephiston Red, highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Ceramite White
  • Plasma cells done in Lothern Blue and highlighted with Ceramite White
  • Based with Fine Brown Sand, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Dry brushed with
  • Bleached Bone.  Clumps of grass and stones added
  • Squad name and purity seal script done with .003 Fine liner pen


Getting these four done has been a really good boost for my confidence, which had been lacking a  bit lately.  It may only be four chaps, but this whole ‘highlighting’ thing has been a bit of a mental block for me and has really hampered my progress as I dilly dallied over what to do and how to do it. Now these four are finished, and the remainder of the squads (3 more plasma devastators and two sergeants) are partially completed, so I should be able to crack out my first fully completed components of the amry in the next week with any luck!

The small victory of getting these guys done has also spurred me on the tackle the next task giving me headaches – all those guns for the Tactical squads.  Sigh…..


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