Painting Update 11/10/2016


Progress on the Dark Angels is a bit slow at the moment, mainly due to all my spare time being dominated by baby related activities.  As a result, I have tried to focus on tasks that do not require much in the way of ‘batch painting’, as I am unlikely to get a solid block of time to crack these out at the moment.

So, on the larger scale I have finished all my modeling and have almost primed everything.  This is actually better than it sounds, as a lot of the vehicles needed little repairs, conversions or adaptions to bring them in line with what I wanted in the battle company. I will also be getting in a few practice games soon, and it will be much better if everything is at least painted black rather than grey, or covered in what I like to call ‘EBay Gakk’.  Photo of the primed horde to follow soon!

The other item I have managed to progress on is my first model done to the standard that I hope all the models will be done to in time for the big tournament in November (in case you were wondering, the smaller September tournament I was using for my initial deadline was cancelled, which removed some pressure for me – thank the Emperor!).  This is essentially my first foray into the word of highlighting. Up until this point I have relied solely on dry brushing for highlighting (see my Tau army), but I have decided to try to lift my game up a notch and attempt some two stage highlights.  The ‘experiential piece’ has been a plasma cannon wielding devastator marine (actually a tactical marine, but for the purposes of the tournament list he will be part of Devastator Squad Jequn)



  • Sprayed Chaos Black, with Dark Green Wash on black armor areas
  • Armour highlighted with Skavenblight Dinge and Ulthuan Grey
  • Trims, joints and breastplates done in Leadbelcher, highlighted with Ironbreaker and Ceramite White
  • Eyes, Pauldron Icons and purity seals in Mephiston Red, highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Ceramite White
  • Plasma cells done in Lothern Blue and highlighted with Ceramite White
  • Based with Fine Brown Sand, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Dry brushed with Bleached Bone.  Clumps of grass and stones added
  • Squad name and purity seal script done with .03 Fine liner pen


When I initially completed the model, I was fairly delighted with the outcome.  The colour choices seemed to work quite well, and the shading really helped to pick out the details of the model.  That was at ‘real scale’ though, and having done these close up photos of the model, I’m surprise by just how shabby the highlighting looks in places.  Indeed, some of the ulthuan grey around the leg plates is pretty bad and on the whole the second stage highlighting looks very crude.

To say this is a bit depressing is an understating, as i poured quite a few hours into it (or rather quite a few half hour chunks snatched between baby stuff and trying to get some sleep).  However, I must console myself with the knowledge that improvement only comes with practice, and I am sure the quality will improve over time.

The close up pictures probably only exacerbate the problem, but have served to give me renewed respect for those painters whos models look great at close up space (looking at you ‘Eavy Metal section!). Since this is still my first effort of highlighting and it looks ok ‘in the hand’ (which, i need to remember, is all that counts for my tabletop standard level) I should probably stop being so negative about it and appreciate it for what it is  – a decent first step in the right direction.

Onwards and upwards!


2 thoughts on “Painting Update 11/10/2016

  1. Close-up photos of minis are like looking at yourself in a mirror with florescent lighting, it can be horrifying. It really does make any mistake look 10x worse than it really is. As long as it looks good on the table, I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself for it.

    Speaking of, I think he looks good. You’re right, it’s just a matter of practice, but for your first go with it I would say you did a great job.


    • Thanks man, having started on doing the rest of the squad to the same standard I am feeling better about the level I have achieved – and you are right, its not the close up shots that matter but how they look on the table that counts 🙂


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