Painting Update 28/09/2016


After an initial burst of activity, progress on the new Dark Angels has rather predictably slowed to a crawl.  However I am not that bummed out by this as the delay has been the result of quite momentous and joyous events in my life away from minis, about which I am pretty chuffed 🙂

Anyway, back to the world of miniatures.  As I stated previously, my intention was to start working through the To Do List systematically and get it all painted to a basic level so I can start getting some game time in and practice how the battle company plays, before moving on to more detail painting level at a later stage.  The logical place to start was the Tactical Squads, and I am glad to report that the long slog is over. The backbone of the Battle Company is finally done (to a basic level!).


The Tactical bulk of the Battle Company


Squads Azra & Barae


Squads Camae & Darda


Squads Ermie & Gadre


  • Sprayed Chaos Black
  • Trims, joints and breastplates done in Leadbelcher
  • Eyes, Pauldron Icons and purity seals in Mephiston Red
  • Dark Green Wash on Black Areas
  • Based with Fine Brown Sand, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Dry brushed with Bleached Bone
  • Clumps of grass and stones added


I am fairly happy with the way these guys have turned out, although admittedly my expectations are pretty low at this stage.  The colour scheme is simple but effective, and gives them the mysterious, brooding aesthetic that I wanted.  They will hopefully look a lot better when I apply the shading details at a later date ( I have even gone as far as to experiment with some of the Devastators on the side, and am very happy about the way they look with some 2 stage highlights).

They are currently without guns, and this is next on the to do list.  It shouldn’t take that long, but they are a bit fiddly to do and I am struggling to find the time to do them all in one big batch.  Once the guns are done, the next task will be to build and prime the Assault Squads, which are the only element missing currently.  Everything else is built, and only the vast array of transports require priming.  Once these pieces are in place, I look forward to getting some games in.  Look out Fallen!


6 thoughts on “Painting Update 28/09/2016

    • Thanks Man! Me too, there is nothing quite like putting a whole bunch of infantry down on the board and hoping sheer weight in numbers will see you through! With marines it always looks especially good, all the more so if all the heraldry and company markings are done correctly – I think it appeals to the OCD side of me 🙂

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  1. That’s impressive. I once did a commission job for someone who had me paint an entire company of Space Marines. So, I know the pain of plowing through so much infantry, and just doing more of the same over and over. Well done!


    • Cheers! Yeah it is a real slog, but I think I have taken the right approach (for me anyway) in trying to get them all up to a basic level first before going into the details. Highlighting is fun, but batch highlighting 60 guys is guaranteed to tip me over the edge, as well as result in a poor job. This way I get to field them in a few games and take my time.


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