Titan’s Fall: The ‘Titan Prime’ Campaign


This is the third part of the ongoing Titan’s Fall Campaign.  Please feel free to download the  below mission booklet for more details on the campaign background and all missions in this part of the campaign.  If you feel like it, go ahead and play the missions and get in touch with how your battle went!



The arrival of the Ultramarines fleet has forced the small Tau flotilla to withdraw from the Titan system – they are outnumbered, outgunned and face almost certain destruction if they stay. They cannot aid the defenders of Titan Prime now, and so with remorse they abandon the fight and redeploy to join up with the relief forces marshalling at Fi’Rios.

Behind them, they leave a small guerilla force to aid governor Malorak’s rebel forces in their defence against the Imperium. The Ethereals and the majority of the Water Caste diplomats have been evacuated, leaving only the Earth Caste engineering teams and a small Fire Caste contingent comprising a few Hunter Cadres, some Firebase Support Cadres and a small Auxiliary Reserve Cadre.

While the Tau Fleet heads for the nearby Setp world of Fi’Rios to pick up reinforcements for the return journey, the Ultramarines commander uses all the tools at his disposal to analyze the defensive preparations being conducted below.

The fighting on Mining Station Zebra has bought the Tau time enough to prepare extensive defences on Titan Prime. A Hastily dug network of bunker positions, trench lines and firing points have been prepared around the key hives of Rhea, Hermes and the capital hive Artemis. The Rebel Planetary Defense Forces have also been fully mobilized and deployed to protect vital areas, supplemented where required by Tau forces. This makes an all-out attack by the Ultramarines unlikely to succeed.

PowerPoint Presentation

Surface composition of Titan Prime

Through the deployment of infiltrating scout teams, orbital imaging from the vessels of the fleet and intercepts of surface communications, the Commander of the Ultramarines Forces has also determined that the Tau Forces number far fewer than expected. This is unexpected news indeed, and can be used to the Imperium’s advantage.

If the meager Tau forces can be destroyed in a suitably crushing display of Imperial might, and the traitorous government either captured or eliminated, the rebel forces will most likely capitulate without a fight and there will be no requirement for a lengthy war of attrition when the Imperial Guard finally arrive. That said, the Inquisition will still have their fill in the inevitable purge to come…..

Having finished his extensive analysis and consulted the Codex Astartes, the Ultramarine’s Commander decides that the initial course of action will be to undermine the Key Hive’s defences by conducting a series of lightning surgical strikes on Titan Prime’s outlying regions, targeting the supply and communications networks of the major hives.

These actions will be directed with the aim of causing as much havoc and disarray as possible in the defenders lines, but also to hurt the moral of the human defenders and the hive’s Citizens. If the seeds of discontent are sown well enough between the rebels and their Tau Allies, cracks will begin to appear in the hives defences, and the Ultramarines will be on hand to take advantage of it.


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