Painting Update 06/09/2016

As mentioned in my previous post regarding the 2016-17 Hobby Season, I have decided to take a  break from the Tau and make a long overdue start on my Dark Angels Force.


Over the last year I have been lucky enough to acquire enough Dark Vengeance Tactical squad kits to fill out a whole Battle company!  I also managed to pick up enough Mk I Rhinos, second-hand drop pods and cheap OOP Predators to allow me to bring the cheese (but only in a competitive environment) and give all the infantry units a ‘free’ transport option if so desired.  I also have two dreadnoughts, bought from eBay in pretty bad condition but still salvageable with a bit of elbow grease, that will top off the battle company in a nice and fluffy manner.

Where to start?

The full to do list is covered in my previous post linked above, but for the purposes of painting scale it involves doing 60 Tactical Marines, 10 Assault Marines, 10 Devastators, 5 Scouts, Captain & Chaplain, 2 Dreadnaughts, 6 Razorbacks, 3 Rhinos and 3 Drop pods.  Ouch.


Unless I impose a goal, these jobs may well just drift for weeks at a time with little of no progress towards an end result, so I have decided to set myself two fairly tight deadlines (considering the needs of little people and a better half in the house who both deserve more attention!)

The first deadline is to get everything modeled, primed, based and layered (1st coat only) by the end of September.  This is so I can play a smaller version of the battle company list at a 1000pt event at my local FLGS.  The date is still to be confirmed, but it usually happens around then, meaning I have to get a move on!

The second deadline will be to have everything finished (1st and 2nd stage highlights and basic heraldry – remember I am trying for a slightly higher grade of table top standard with these chaps) by the end of November, when the Grand Tournament is usually held.  This will have everything in the list, and be on a display board too (hopefully!)

Colour Scheme & Background

I have always loved the Dark Angles fluff, but I must confess to have always been turned off by one thing – the colour scheme.  I have never been a fan of the Dark Green armour, and thus have decided to go with the much better ‘Pre-Heresy’ colour scheme for my chaps. For those of you that don’t know, this is a mix of black armour and red trims & iconography.  I will also add a silver trim to the pauldrons and joints just to make it a bit more interesting (and meet the 3 colour minimum!).

However this does mean that they cannot really be true Dark Angels anymore, so I will be looking to write some fluff for a successor chapter (which I will cover in a future post).  Luckily the 1st Legion has plenty of scope for creating successor chapters beyond the ones named in the codex as there are lot of rumors of legion building & founding’s that have mysteriously disappeared over the eons. Any name suggestions for the new chapter are more than welcome!!!

So, where to start?

I think the most logical place is with the marines – they will be a bit of a slog to get through, but they are the core of the army and I may as well utilize the full power of my initial enthusiasm and try and crack on through them first!

Stage 1: Just get some stuff done!

In the first batch are 5 devastators, 2 devastator sergeants (with signums borrowed from other kits), 8 Tactical Sergeants and 30 normal marines – an odd mix, but I was still waiting for some stuff to arrive from eBay!  I made a decision early on to pull all of the classic Dark Vengeance Sergeants (plasma pistol and chainsword ) out of the Tactical squads to use them as assault marines / veterans.  I have replaced them with the MK6 marines form the same sets as there is exactly the right number of guys, as well as making it easier to distinguish them from the others.



  • Sprayed Chaos Black
  • Trims, joints and breastplates done in Leadbelcher
  • Eyes, Pauldron Icons and purity seals in Mephiston Red
  • Dark Green Wash on Black Areas
  • Based with Fine Brown Sand, clumps of grass added


Well it is only early days yet but I am happy with progress so far.  The painting is pretty basic now but already I think the colour combination works well. The basing is nice (first time I have used grass or sand) but will need a bit more work, definitely a wash and maybe add some stones around the grass or something.

It is not readily apparent in the photos, but I have also put a dark green wash on the black areas, with a two fold purpose in mind – it helped to take a bit of shine off the spray finish, but to also give the marines a green tint whenever the light hits them – a nod to their lineage, as well as giving the models a bit more depth.

So, a good start but plenty more to do!  Onwards on upwards!


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