Titan’s Fall pt 2.2: The Mining Station Zebra Campaign

MISSION 2.2: Breach


Mission Setup:
The Ultramarines assault is underway. Thunderhawk gunships dive through the hail of defensive fire unhindered, delivering their cargos to their staging areas on time and en-mass. As the troops pour into their assigned target areas, the fighting is fast, brutal and at close quarters.

The Tau forces struggle under the weight if the coordinated attacks, but are still in the fight, due in no small part to the mobile reserve. Its forces, marshalled under the watchful eye of the base commander, stand ready to plug the gaps in the Tau defence wherever they may be about to fall.

The Maintenance Vehicle Bay located in the Engineering Sector is another key target for the attacking forces, as it not only provides a beach head for further landings, but will also give the victorious forces access to the engineering section, most notably the life support and environmental control systems for the station.

Being able to ‘turn the lights out’ at a timely juncture could provide one side with the crucial edge they need to defeat the enemy once and for all…..

Tau Forces: Fire Warriors from the Setpworld of Fi’Rios 1147pts

Fireblade, 60pts
Fireblade, 60pts
Fire Warrior Team x 10, 90pts
Fire Warrior Team x 10, 90pts
Kroot x 10, 60pts
Gue’Vesa team x 10, 41pts
Gue’Vesa team x 10, 41pts
Stealth Suit x3, BC x3, 90pts
Stealth Suit x3, BC x3, 90pts
Crisis Suits x 2, TL Plasma Rifles, VRT 94pts
Pathfinder team x6, Rail rifle x 2, 96pts
Pathfinder team x6, Ion rifle x 2, 86pts
Pathfinder team x5, 55pts
Broadside Suits x 1, TL HYMP, TL SMS, 2 x Gun Drones 97pts
Broadside Suits x 1, TL HYMP, TL SMS, 2 x Gun Drones 97pts

Imperial Forces: Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter 975pts

Librarian Brother Herbort, Level 2 Psyker, Force Stave, Auspex, 95pts
Scout squad x7, 4x shotgun, 3x CCW, Camocloaks, Teleporter Homer 101pts
TAC squad x 5, Flamer, Veteran Sergeant, Power Axe 100pts
TAC squad x 10, PG, ML, Sergeant with combi-plasma 180pts
TAC squad x 5, PG, Sergeant with combi-plasma 95pts
Terminators x 5, Cyclone Missile Launcher 225pts
Assault squad x 5, Sergeant with Power Axe  100pts
Bike Squad x3, Grav guns x 3, 78pts


Mining Station Zebra is a cluster of hollow asteroids linked together by walkways, containing heavily damaged facilities and ruins. To represent the cluster of small asteroids and link bridges, 2’ x 2’ boards were be used.


Out of the entire force only 500 points was allowed to be deployed at the beginning of the game, with the remaining points being placed in reserve.  These could only be introduced into the battle as per the reinforcement’s deployment special rule – one for each objective you held. Units arriving as reinforcements could not exceed 100 pts in value each. Objectives are placed inline with the mission rules, in the centre of each asteroid enclosure. If you would like more information on the mission special rules, please read the campaign booklet.

Tau are in the ascendancy and decide to go first.  Fireblade and both larger pathfinder squads deploy to capture objective 1.  Kroot and stealth teams infiltrate to secure objective 2


Marines deploy bikers to grab objective, while the scouts infiltrate onto objective.  Everything else is in reserves.


Marines roll to seize the initiative – and fail

Turn 1:

Very quick turn for the Tau – all units remain dug in cover, waiting to see where the terminators teleport into


Also a quick turn for the Marines – the Terminators play it safe and teleport in next to the scouts and their beacon, while the bikes move up


Turn 2:

Another quick turn for the Tau – reinforcements arrive in the shape of a crisis squad and a broadside, who move up the table.  Everyone else continues to sit tight, waiting for the marines to come to them


Reinforcements arrive for the marines too – the assault squad and the plasma tactical squad.  They grab objective 4, while the bikes push to link up with the terminators.  They in turn prepare to breach the asteroid held by the Tau infiltrators, while the scouts hang tight in cover


Turn 3:

More backup arrives for the Tau, this time a fire warrior team and the other broadside.  The Stealth Teams both back off from the link bridge entrance where the terminators are likely to breach, while the crisis team and a pathfinder squad stand ready to flank.  Everything else moves up


Terminators bite the bullet and breach, killing 6 kroot who then break, abandoning the objective.  Assault marines and bike squad wait to follow them in next turn


Turn 4:

Kroot regroup and take the objective once more, while the stealth teams move in on the terminators.  The Crisis team and pathfinder also breach to outflank the termies, who are annihilated under the combined fire, leaving the libby out in the open on his own


Marines turn, and the Libby gets his revenge and psychic shrieks the crisis suits to death. Elsewhere, the assault squad breach and move into cover behind the ruin, while the bike squad fails the charge on the pathfinders and lose a man to over watch


Turn 5:

Stealth suits move up and finish off the bike squad, while the pathfinders put a wound on the Libby.  The broadside breaches the asteroid with objective 3 in it and shoots the scouts off of it


Two Tactical squad breach to back up the assault squad and scouts.  The assault marines jump up onto the objective and slaughter the kroot holding it.  The Libby attempts to charge the pathfinders but is also killed in over watch


Turn 6:

Fire warriors and broadside breach to back up the pathfinders, who kill a single assault marine.  The broadside also kills two reinforcing tactical marines near objective 3


Tactical squad moves up and destroy the pathfinder unit, while the assault troops jump over the objective and assault a stealth team, easily wiping them out


Turn 7:

Broadside moves up to claim objective three, while his counterpart and the stealth team destroy the assault squad.  The fire warriors take out all but one of the tactical marines, who would hold his ground.  The stealth team then assault jump up to claim objective 2


Tactical squad moves up and shoot the broadside dead, clearing the way for the scouts to grab objective 3.  The lone sergeant moves up and claims objective 2 also, on account of being ObSec and the stealth team not.


Final overview


Result: Game ends in a draw – The marines hold three objectives, while the Tau hold one and have first blood and slay the warlord

Decisive moment – actually two Tau mistakes. T6, and stealth suits should have gone after the assault squad rather than backing off, tying up the arriving forces further away from the objective. In T7 the broadside should also have charge the scouts – with the drones intact, he would have stood a decent chance at breaking them and clearing them off the objective or at the very least tar pitting them and keeping himself safe from shooting.

Tau MVP: Crisis Team – showed their speed in getting up into the line quickly from reserves, and arrive just at the right time to take the sting out of the Libbynators. They then died horribly to psychic shriek, but I guess you cant deny the witch all the time when you know nothing of the warp…

Ultramarines MVP: Assault squad. Not only finished off two units, but were also the threat that made the stealth teams back off, allowing objective 2 to be nabbed on the last turn.


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