Painting Update 020/06/2016

Broadsides are undoubtedly one of the shinning stars of the Tau armed forces, and quite rightly so.  In many ways they embody what the Empire is all about – the application of accurate and overwhelming firepower when it is needed.


Despite being relatively immobile on the battlefield, they are surprising versatile and can fill a number of combat roles.  As a non-relentless infantry unit sporting heavy weapons, they are pretty much stuck where you deploy them unless you want to rely on snap shooting for a turn.  But then you don’t really want to do that if you can help it, as these chaps need to be bringing their guns to bear every single turn to put the hurt o the enemy.

As for roles, they can provide great Interceptor cover against deep striking armies (using Early Warning Override upgrade) or Anti -Air cover (using the Velocity Tracker, although with twin linked weapons they can normally be somewhat effective against air units even without this expensive upgrade).  They are also excellent defensive lynchpins, providing fire support to assaulted units if sat behind cheaper infantry bubble wrap (looking at you kroot!) with the Counterfire Defense System.  And of course they are great one shot assassins if given the Advance Targeting System and Heavy Rail rifles, strength 8 AP1 meaning instant death for a lot of Toughness 4 characters out there (Imperial Assassins look out!)

But I digress.  I was lucky enough to come across a fairly cheap Firebase Support Cadre Boxed set, and it seemed like the logical choice for expanding my Tau force.  I have been using them quite often in games since building them, and they have been on the priority painting list for a while because of their regularity of deployment, but I a happy o report that one squad is finished at last (almost)!



  • Imperial Primer to start, then layers in Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow (with white undercoat) / Abbadon Black
  • Leadbelcher dry brush to metallic areas
  • The given a Nuln Oil wash and another layer of Russ Grey on top.


So I should probably say that these are not really finished yet, or at least not to the level I wanted.  I have only done some highlights on yellow areas with a bit of white, but the vast majority of the models still requires edge highlighting with grey and some transfers added.  I may even try some edge weathering with these chaps, but we will see.

However, the main obstacle in my path with these chaps is time.  They are much bigger than any other infantry I have painted, and are quite time intensive.  As such, I have decided to park these in the acceptable state they are in and move on the with other components of my Fire Base Support Cadre, namely a squad of Heavy Rail Rifle Broadsides and of course the Riptide!  Once all of these chaps are up to a basic level I will go back and do more detail, but my current priority is to end the ‘grey shame’ on the tabletop and get myself up to 1500 points painted!


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