Titan’s Fall: The ‘Mining Station Zebra’ Campaign


This is the second part of the ongoing Titan’s Fall Campaign.  Please feel free to download the  below mission booklet for more details on the campaign background and all missions in this part of the campaign.  If you feel like it, go ahead and play the missions and get in touch with how your battle went!

Titan Fall Campaign_Part 2


Tethys Moon is once more in Imperial hands, and the Tau forces are now on the back foot.

As the main bulk of the Ultramarines fleet arrives, the small Tau fleet scatters into the wider system, beginning a game of cat and mouse with their numerically superior opponents. While the fight for the space lanes around Titan Prime rages, Tau ground forces reconsolidate on Titan Prime and begin preparing for the invasion.

Critical to the defence of Titan Prime is the orbital facility of Mining Station Zebra. A collection of interlocking hollow asteroids brought into Titan Prime’s low orbit, the station is the main Iridium Ore storage and loading facility. The value of its cargoes mean that the station is well defended with Lance Turrets, Macro-Cannons and Missile Batteries, and as such now presents a formidable defence platform against forces trying to land on Titan Prime.

PowerPoint Presentation

Mining Station Zebra

As news of the Ultramarines arrival on Tethys spread, parts of the Station Garrison loyal to Governor Malorak attempted to mutiny and return the station to Imperial control. During the fighting, Governor Malorak’s forces were successful in suppressing the mutiny, but large sections of the stations facilities were scuttled. While the defense batteries remain intact, a number of loading bay door systems were damaged, leaving them vulnerable to small boarding actions and the overall defense of the station compromised.

Knowing full well the value of the station, Tau forces have augmented the small defence force loyal to Governor Malorak, in an effort to forestall the Ultramarines advance and buy more time for the defensive preparations on the planet below.

If they can hold out, the armament of the station will make landing on Titan Prime much more difficult for Imperial Forces. If captured however, it will also provide an ideal platform for staging the invasion and liberation of the planet below.


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