Painting Update 25/05/2016

Behold the mighty Gue’vesa!  Ha ha, well they need all the hyping up they can get as they are hardly a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.  Non scoring human cannon fodder to be thrown in front of your fire warriors (and even kroot, who are far more useful), they are nevertheless a very fluffy addition to any Tau army, especially when playing against Imperial forces.


I have managed to get 30 painted up in a relatively short amount of time – as the keen eyed amongst you will notice, they are the cultists from the Dark Vengeance set x 3.  Rather than using the clean cut Cadians,  I wanted my Imperial traitors to be a rag tag crew of military misfits or poorly equipped militia, and these cultist models fit the bill nicely (it also means I can field them in any future Chaos army that I might collect!).  As such, the colour scheme is aiming for khaki green military fatigues and standard issue equipment, but all a bit frayed and worn around the edges



  • Imperial Primer to start, then layers in Caliban Green / Russ Grey / Leadbelcher
  • Nuln Oil wash on most areas, with a Seraphim Sepia wash on the metal areas (i.e. guns)
  • Dry brushed green areas with Flash Gitz Yellow
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo

Thoughts:  I am really happy with these guys – the dry brush really made the details in the clothing pop out, while each model has enough little details on them to make them unique.  I think I really got the ‘run down’ military look I was going for too, but the aspect I was most pleased with was the time it took to paint them – less than a week!

Cant wait to try them out now, even if I will be removing most of them on the first turn…



3 thoughts on “Painting Update 25/05/2016

    • Thanks dude – I love the idea of Gue’vesa in a Tau army, and I was a little disappointed that there were not any updated rules for them in the last Tau releases. I’m wasn’t exactly hoping for them to become super OP or anything, but a few more basic equipment options (flamers is all I wanted!) and some cool sort of ‘support drone’ to keep them in line would have been nice. Anyway, I can live with the FW rules for now – and for 25 points per squad, I guess you cannot expect too much right?

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