Titan’s Fall pt 1.3: The Tethys Moon Campaign

MISSION 1.3: Steadfast


Mission Setup:
With Ultramarine attacks on their supply depots, Tau forces have accelerated their retreat to avoid becoming trapped on Tethys. However, before the Tau can affect a full withdrawal they must disassemble the partially constructed Communication Relay Beacon, so they can relocate it to Titan Prime and reestablish communications with the nearby Tau Sept world of Fi’Rios.

If successful, the Tau Forces will be able to orchestrate a quicker response from Tau High Command and reinforcements will arrive before the Imperial Guard forces, enabling the effective defence of the planet and retaining the system.

If they fail, any Tau reinforcements from Fi’Rios will be unable to receive information from their forces on Titan Prime, and will subsequently be more cautious in their approach. If the beacon falls into enemy hands, it may also allow them to intercept encrypted transmissions, severely hampering any Tau military activity in the Sector. If the beacon cannot be removed in time it must be destroyed!

With the arrival of the Ultramarine Fleet imminent, the Commander of the Rapid Insertion Force decides to risk all with one final strike, in an attempt to capture the Relay Beacon. With its capture, the war could be over much sooner than anyone anticipated…..


Tau Forces: Fire Warriors from the Setpworld of Fi’Rios 1325pts

Commander ‘Calmstar’ O’Vash, Dual MP, Drone Controller, Target Lock, Marker Drones x2 152pts
– Crisis Bodyguard, Dual MP, Marker Drones 91pts
Fireblade ‘Darkwave’ El’Or’Es 60pts
Fire Warrior Team x 11, EMP Grenades, 142pts
Kroot x12, Sniper Rounds 84pts
Stealth Suit x3, BC x3, 90pts
Stealth Suit x3, BC x3, 90pts
Pathfinder team x6, Rail rifle x 1,EMP grenades,  Pulse Accelerator Drone  108pts
Pathfinder team x6, Rail rifle x 1,EMP grenades,  Pulse Accelerator Drone  108pts
Piranha, FB, Sensor spines, 55pts
Hammerhead Gunship, Railgun with subs, SMS, D-pod, 145pts
Broadside Suits x 2, TL HRR, TL PLasma Rifle, EWO, 150pts
ADL, 50pts

Imperial Forces: Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter 1175pts

Captain Fabian, Chapter Master, Artificer Armour, Bike, Shield Eternal, TH, 250pts
– Command Squad, bikes, 4 grav gun, 1 x SS, Apothecary 220pts
Librarian, lvl 2, Force Stave, Auspex 95pts
TAC squad x 7, MG, Drop Pod, 193pts
– Sergeant Volus, Powerfist & Grav Pistol
TAC squad x 8, PG, Rhino with Dozer blades, 177pts
– Sergeant Lemal, Combi-plasma
Assault squad x 5, 110pts
– Sergeant Vamtice, Power Axe
Vindicator, dozer blades, 130pts


Vanguard Strike was rolled, while Tau rolled to go first.

The Tau put the objective (relay beacon) out in the open and opted to form a ‘kill zone’ around it with the ADL and placement of fire warriors, pathfinders and heavy units.  Kroot and stealth teams would infiltrate.


The Ultramarines deploy across the centre with a wary eye on the objective. Drop pod with librarian and tactical squad starts in reserves


Stealth Teams infiltrate on both sides of marines force, attempting to box them in.  The Kroot pot to occupy the central ruins

The marines player rolls to seize the initiative – and is successful!  Praise the Emperor!

Turn 1:

The Drop pod comes in and goes straight after the objective, landing right on top of it. The rest of the Ultramarine force moves forward.  Very little damage is done to the Tau however, with only a few kroot going down in the ruins to bolter fire from the librarians unit.


The Tau retaliate, but not as hard as they would have liked.  The stealth team only manages to put two glances on the vindicator, but they do kill three of the assault squad and one biker in the command bike squad.  Kroot assault the marines and librarian, but are thoroughly wiped out in combat for no loss amongst the smurfs (lesson learnt on true kroot capability in combat…)


Turn 2:

The marines continue their advance, smashing into the Tau lines.  The Librarian and his Tactical squad charge the pathfinders in the ruins and sweep them with ease, while the command bike squad also takes out the other pathfinder unit behind the aegis line, surviving over 40 over watch shots to come out unscathed


The Tau are in danger of being over run already, and need to start whittling the marines down.  The Steath team moves in and finishes off the assault squad, while the hammerhead moves around and drops a sub-munition round on the librarian squad, killing two marines.  The fire warriors also shoot up the command squad, killing all but the medic and leaving the chapter master on two wounds.  The other stealth team would fail to take out the vindicator


Turn 3:

With the marines now in control, they decide to go for the jugular.  The command squad charge the Tau commanders unit, killing all their drones in assault.  The librarians unit would attempt to charge the fire warriors behind the aegis line but failed the distance, losing two marines to over watch as well


Turn 4:

Unfortunately for us, due to real life commitments time has run out and we are forced to call the game. It would be fairly unfair to just call it a draw, as one player is clearly in the ascendancy. So, lets see if we can predict how the next turn would have played out….


Tau turn, and given the removal of all maker light support, if the Tau player was lucky he might kill off the Tactical squad & Libby in the centre this turn, but wont be removing the drop pod from the objective anytime soon.


The Broadsides would probably have stayed true to form and continued whiffing their shooting, while the commander would be dead in his own assault turn thanks to AP2 instant death on the bike chapter master.


The Hammerhead might take out a marine or two or maybe the drop pod on the objective, but will only be moving 6″ max, leaving him dangerously close to the krak grenade wielding Tactical squad.


While Both stealth units are out of position and not going to contribute to the end game. The latter will spend most of its time running away from the vindicator, now it has little to no chance of getting the angle on the side armour (in hindsight, I should have just charged the vindicator!  Oh well, another lesson learnt)


Ultramarines turn, and the bike squad would charge the broadsides and easily sweep them, consolidating towards the fire warriors position. TAC squad would charge and easily wreck the Hammerhead on its AV10 rear, while the rhino would either reclaim the objective (if DP was taken out last turn) or turn its attentions to the lone stealth suit behind him. Either way, end of  turn 4 the Tau would have been out of the game anyway, so it is more than fair to call the game in favour of the Ultramarines.


Ultramarine’s win 1:0 for holding the relay beacon

Decisive moment – Ultramarines seizing the initiative. This gave the smurfs a massive advantage, taking them out of Tau ranged for a turn and allowing them to close the gap quickly with no losses. Also hallucination on the FWs at a crucial moment meant they whiffed first turn shooting at the bike squad.

Tau MVP: Fire warriors. Nothing really stood out for the Tau this game, Stealth teams came close to knocking out the Vindicator, but the fire warriors probably had the most solid performance in a rum bunch.

Ultramarines MVP:  Libby & Unit. Effectively sprung the Tau ‘trap’ around the objective, swept two units in combat and held the objective all game, proving very difficult for the Tau to remove. Psychic powers also had a significant effect this game.

Part 1 Overview:

The Ultramarines have captured the Relay Beacon, dealing a blow to the Tau defence of the system. It also allows them to introduce a named character for the part 2 campaign.

Overall the Tau take the Part 1 campaign though, 2 wins to 1. After this final reversal though, they will be at a significant disadvantage in the part 2 campaign.


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