Painting Update 08/04/2016

I have a bit of a painting hiatus lately as I have been doing a lot (too much) gaming at its expense ( I blame Star Wars Armada, which I hope to introduce to this blog soon…)  As it is, I have managed to squeeze in 12 pathfinders – completed and ready for marker light goodness.




  • Imperial Primer for undercoat
  • Layers in Russ Grey / FlashGitz Yellow (with white undercoat) / Abbadon Black
  • The given a Nuln Oil wash and highlighted with Ulthuan Grey.
  • Finished with a matt glaze from Vallejo

Thoughts: Pretty happy with these guys, they didn’t take long and fit well look-wise with the other units that I have finished so far. I have tried a dark background in the photos for the first time, trying to avoid the high contrast I get with the other images. I think it helps, it has also inspired me to maybe do a few photos with these guys an the 1000pt force in an urban terrain setting if I have time. Will post here if I do.


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