Titan’s Fall pt 1.1: The Tethys Moon Campaign

MISSION 1.1: Incursion


Please feel free to download the  below mission booklet for more details on the campaign background and all missions in this part of the campaign.  If you feel like it, go ahead and play the missions and get in touch with how your battle went!

Titan Fall Campaign_Part 1

Mission Setup:
The Tau Expeditionary Force has arrived on Titan Prime and is now, with the help of the traitor governor Hanz Malorak VI, in full control of the system and its resources. The primary focus of the Tau force is setting up a Relay Communication Beacon on the first moon of Titan Prime, Tethys. This will allow the Tau forces to report on Imperial activity throughout the sector and coordinate the arrival of reinforcements from the nearby Sept world of Fi’Rios. If the Beacon is established, it will make removal of the Tau threat and reconquering of the world for the Imperium all the more difficult.

Time is of the essence, and Ultramarine forces need to disrupt Tau activity on Tethys if they are to prevent the setting up of a Relay Beacon. To that end, a Rapid Insertion Force of fast moving strike units has been sent ahead of the main Ultramarine fleet to begin operations. They have decided to target the Tau engineering teams that are currently working towards the establishment of the Relay Beacon on Tethys.

Forward recon units of the 10th Company scouts have reported that the Tau 1st Engineering Cadre has been spotted conducting a geographic survey far away from their main Base of operations, presenting a target ripe for the plucking……


Tau Forces: Fire Warriors from the Setpworld of Fi’Rios 850pts

Commander ‘Calmstar’ O’Vash, PR x2, NSJ, Onager Gauntlet, Drone Controller, Target Lock, Marker Drones x2 159pts
Fireblade ‘Darkwave’ El’Or’Es, 60pts
Fire Warrior Team x 12, 108pts
Fire Warrior Team x 6, 54pts
Crisis Suits x2, Plasma Rifle x4, Target Lock x2, Marker Drones x2 162pts
Stealth Suit x3, BC x3, Advanced Targeting System 93pts
Broadside Suits x2, TL HYMP x2, TL SMS x2, EWO x2, Missile Drone x2 164pts
ADL 50pts

Imperial Forces: Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter 850pts

Librarian Brother Herbort, Level 2 Psyker, Force Stave, Auspex, 95pts
TAC squad x 9, MG, DP
– Veteran Sergeant Lemal, PF, Grav pistol
Tac squad x 6, PG, Rhino
– Sergeant Volus, combi-plasma
Sternguard x 5, combi-plasma x2, HF, DP
– Sergeant Adamant, bolter
Ironclad Dreadnought Brother Boris, PF HF, SH MG, DP w/ Deathwind ML


Vanguard Strike is rolled on the deployment table, while Space Marines roll to go first.

The Tau being the game dug in, awaiting the arrival of the Ultramarines.  Only a rhino containing a lone tactical squad start on the board for them.


Turn 1:

Ultramarine drop pods come in, dropping the Iron clad and Librarian’s Tactical squad right into the heart of the Tau defenses.  The Tactical squad suffer some casualties from interceptor fire from the broadsides, but they kill a drone in return and send them running.  The Ironclad also roasts a good handful of fire warriors with his heavy flamer, but they would hold.


The Broadsides rally and take cover behind the defence line, while the stealth suits lead the counter attack by hitting the rear armour of the Ironclad and wrecking it. Fire warriors also kill four marines in the Tactical squad and send them running.


Turn 2:

Sternguard drop pod comes in behind the Tau defence line, but they are immediately blown away by the interceptor fire from the broadsides.  The rhino comes forward and disgorges the tactical squad, who kill 5 out of six fire warriors. The librarian’s squad also charges and wipes out the stealth team.


Broadsides shuffle around, while the crisis team wreck a drop pod.  Fire warriors also pick a man off in the librarian’s unit


Turn 3:

Rhino pulls up and the Librarian jumps in for some cover, while the Tactical squad put a wound on a broadside


Crisis suits move forward and wreck another drop pod, while the broadsides wreck the Rhino even when snap shooting and kill the remaining member of the Librarians Tactical squad.


Turn 4:

Shooting from the Tactical squad kills a broadside, but the survivor would hold.  The librarian charges the fire warriors, but combat is drawn


Shooting from the Tau kill two tactical marines and they fall back, while combat is won by the librarian who consolidates towards the last broadside


Turn 5:

Librarian kills the broadside in assault, and then tries to hide behind the drop pod


He doesn’t quit manage though, and is blown away by the crisis suits, who then assault jump forward towards the remaining marines hiding in the ruins


Turn 6:

Tactical marines recover and take out two drones and a crisis suit, sending the rest fleeing.  They role low on the flee move though and stay on the table for now…


Luckily in the Tau turn they rally and avoid going off the table all together, but fail to do any more damage.  We roll to see if the game continues and it does not.


Tau win 9:6

Decisive moment – the downing of the Ironclad. Not only did this wrack up 2 VPs in the Tau first turn, it also removed the biggest threat to the Tau. Had it made it into turn two, it would have probably spend a lot of time in CC and avoided fire. Besides, the Tau were woefully underequipped to deal with AV13.

Tau MVP: Lots of contenders, Stealth team made a crucial kill and broadsides made a massive intercept on the sternguard, but the most productive unit was the commanders team. The marker lights played a key role in boosting hitting power, while the crisis suits plasma rifles generate 4 of the 9 VPs.

Ultramarines MVP: Librarian. Went on a rampage that chewed up four units in assault and scored 4 VPs all by his lonesome. Great return on 95 pts.

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