Painting Update 10/03/2015

At last, I have reached my initial goal of having a 1000pt force all painted up and ready to be fielded!


Now, it may not be the most efficient or potent combination of units for a Tau force, and I don’t think it will be taking any titles at tournaments anytime soon, but I only intend to field it for friendly and fluffy games, and I’m sure it will give a fairy good account of itself.

Let’s introduce the lads…

In the hot seat, Crisis Commander Calmstar O’Vash, with his trusty drones and a mob of 20 Kroot carnivores


and his loyal lieutenant, Cadre Fireblade Darkwave El’Or’Es and a 12 man fire warrior ‘strike’ team


Drifting through the shadows, a XV25 Steath Battlesuit Team with drone support


While deep striking into the rear, a VX8 Crisis Battlesuit Team with Drone support


And hammering away from range, a Hammerhead gunship


With these chaps finished, I will now work up to 1250, 150o, 1750 and eventually (hopefully) 2000 forces by adding units, by which time I may have earned the right to look at painting up a new faction.


1000pt Tau List: Combined Arms Detachment

Commander: fusion blaster, plasma rifle, shield drone, gun drone

Cadre Fireblade: pulse rifle, 2 x gun drones

Fire warrior Team: 12  x warriors, pulse rifles

Kroot Carnivores: 20 x kroot, kroot rifles

Crisis Team: 2 x dual missile pods, 1 x dual fusion blasters, 6 x gun drones

Stealth Team: 6 x burst cannons, 2 x gun drones

Hammerhead Gunship: rail gun, smart missile system

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